Expressions of The Spirit Workshop (Auckland, New Zealand)

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Expressions of The Spirit

One Day Workshop

Saturday 24th October 2015


Take this opportunity to come along and learn about Mental Mediumship in this one day Workshop with Internationally recognized Spiritual Medium David Thompson. David has over 33 years experience in various forms of mediumships and has demonstrated Mental Mediumship in many different countries around the globe, he has demonstrated in Spiritualist Churches and Theaters to audiences of over 700 people. Come and be inspired and learn in a sympathetic and friendly environment.

This workshop will focus on the correct development of Mediumistic & Psychic faculties and teach the participant how to understand the difference, it will also help you to enrich the connection you already have and also to understand the intricate mechanism behind communication between this world and the next.

** Learn about Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

** Learn how to Make & Keep The Connection between the Two Worlds.

** Learn About You

>> Dont Settle for Mediocrity in your Mediumship<<

***This workshop is open to all levels of ability***


Cost: $110 NZ

Venue: TBC

To Book Email/Call: or +64 (0) 27 523 5008


David Thompson explaining the levels of trance in Switzerland, 2011
David Thompson teaching in Switzerland, 2011.


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