Trance & Physical Week – Holland

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logoTrance & Physical Week


De Zwanenhof Spiritual College

Zenderen – Holland

6th – 11th December 2015


Teachers: Nicole de Haas, David Thompson & Jackie Wright

A team of teachers and mediums, all of whom have many years of experience and are associates of the Arthur Findlay College, has been put together for this wonderful course. Due to the intensity of the program the groups will be no bigger than 12 students each. The dominant focus is on trance healing and trance speaking. There are separate groups for each of these aspects and there will also be a combination group. During this course we will also be giving insight into the various forms of physical mediumship. The teachers have been selected based on their knowledge in this field. David Thompson, trance and physical medium, is one of the teaching team and he will conduct an experimental séance physical mediumship during this special course. Throughout the week there will be a lot of work in groups and a daily lecture or group-lesson. The team will give both a trance and a mediumship demonstration which can be followed by the students and also by people who are not taking part in the course.

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