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Circle of The Silver Cord

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William is the main Guide and Control of the Circle of The Silver Cord and close friend and mentor to David Thompson.

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David Thompson

David Thompson is the Medium of the Circle of The Silver Cord

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Tim is also one of the main Guides and Controls of the Circle of The Silver Cord.

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White Soaring Bird

White Soaring Bird is also a Guide and Guardian of the Circle of The Silver Cord.

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The Universal Medium – Workshop, Sunday 1st June 2014

“The Universal Medium”
Inspirational Workshop
Sunday 1st June 2014
“Spaces Limited & Filling Fast”
Sydney, Australia
Come and join David on this one day workshop on the development of  Altered States & Mental Mediumship.
Learn how to incorporate the use of altered states into your mediumistic […]

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Banyan Retreat, UK – April/May 2014

The Circle of the Silver Cord
Are pleased to announce
Return visit to
The Banyan Retreat
Ashford, UK
Seances – Trance Healing
Seance Dates
Wednesday 23rd April 2014 - “SOLD OUT”
Monday 28th April 2014 – “TWO SPACES LEFT”
Thursday 1st May 2014 - “SOLD OUT”
Trance Healing
Tuesday 22nd April 2014
For bookings […]

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9th February 2014 – Workshop – Sydney

 Trance/Spiritual Healing Workshop
Alternative forms of Healing 
Sunday 9th February 2014
Sydney, Australia
David Thompson
This will be a day of developing Trance/Spiritual Healing and learning how it can enhance our healing capabilities. Also we will be covering alternative forms of healing that fall under […]

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