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David Thompson, 2011

The Circle of The Silver Cord is the Home Circle of Physical/Spiritual Medium David Thompson, originally known as The Haymist Circle, which was created around 1994 in the UK.

After David moved to Sydney, Australia in 2004 a new Circle was created and the Circle of The Silver Cord was born.

David brings a rare and life re-evaluating, evidential approach to the World of Spirit. As a Medium he has, over the last thirty years, helped countless with his ability to connect with the World of Spirit, providing evidential proof that loved ones survive physical death and most importantly the message that those in the Spirit World wish to convey.

David’s ability extends from the very rare form of Physical Mediumship with the use of Ectoplasm to Mental Mediumship, Deep Trance Mediumship and Spiritual Healing. David has touched every walk of life, from young, old, famous and royalty, giving proof of the continuity of life after physical death. His work has taken him to the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Denmark.

David first became aware of his mediumistic abilities at the age of around six when he used to see and hear those who had passed to the Spirit World. This didn’t come as to much of a surprise as he comes from a family of Spiritualist.

David in trance – 2004

David is one of the World’s foremost Physical (Materialization) Mediums who publicly demonstrate this very rare ability. David’s gift has been independently tested over the years in controlled environments providing little room for doubt.

Individuals such as Ronald Pearson (Author and Engineer) Dr Victor Zammit (retired Lawyer and Afterlife Investigator) and Montague Keen, who was a member of the Council of the Society of Physical Research for 55 years, and Secretary of its Survival Research Committee when he investigated a David Thompson Physical Séance in October 2003 prior to his own passing to the Spirit World and his subsequent communication through David’s mediumship of which part of the séance audio was aired on prime time UK television. Montague Keen’s report can be read on this website.

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