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“Ask yourselves this: Why would people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, different views on spirituality be drawn together in one room with one of only three physical mediums just merely for the purpose of idle curiosity and to pass the word to the few? No my friends, mark my words, there is more going on beyond what you perceive or can ever perceive. For the greater good of humanity. So my friends always have paramount in your mind this: understanding, humility, and respect for each other, that is paramount.” (William – Circle Guide)

“Life is only as dull as you wish to make it” (David Thompson)

“Greatness is within the reach of all of us if we only reach out to touch it just once.” (David Thompson)

“Fear is a creation of the mind, we create our thoughts so why do we create so many fears?” (David Thompson)

“Strive for truth, even if you seem to be drowning in a sea of lies, for it is only the truth that will set you free from the binds of negative thought.” (David Thompson)

“Always be who you are, not who everyone else wants you to be, peel away the masks of uncertainty to reveal the true you, the person you were born to be.” (David Thompson)

“No one tells us to give up! it is only us that gives in during that one moment of weakness that could have meant so much more, if only we had held on a little longer” (David Thompson)

“Never let anyone make you doubt, who you are or where you are going” (David Thompson)

“Life is an illusion! Life is a dream! grasp reality with both hands and step into the great abyss of life without one shread of fear” (David Thompson)

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no
need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the
philosophy is kindness. (Dalai Lama)

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