Robin Foy

First Festival of Physical Mediumship in Spain

Monday 22nd August 2011


Hi Everybody,

This First historic Festival of Physical Mediumship in Spain is now over; but what a wonderful and fully international success it was!!!

An amazing build-up of love and harmony amongst delegates and organisers alike (who attended from many countries including the USA, the UK,Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as Spain) was noticed by all from Day one,culminating in three superb and evidential séances by Australian PhysicalMedium David Thompson, ably assisted by his efficient partner and Circle leader Christine Morgan.

I intend to cover each séance in a separate blog, to create the maximum impact within readers. Every séance took place in a purpose-built séance room at the Acacia Centre in Los Molino’s, Murcia, Spain (Situated close to the village of Balsicas). In order to preserve the safety of the medium’s health (He works in an ectoplasmic-based way for the production of physical phenomena as opposed to the energy-based format) strict security protocols were observed, that necessitated the removal of shoes, jewellery, belts, scent and all metal objects, together with the contents of delegates pockets, save for a tissue, delegates’ glasses and hearing aids. Tight rings were simply covered with black tape for the séance. All light bulbs were removed from the séance room.

All participants, including the medium and circle leader were physically searched by volunteers prior to the sitting, and scanned using a metal detector. Before each sitting, two independent ‘checkers’ who had no connection at all to the medium, circle leader and/or the Circle of the Silver Cord were selected from the delegates to oversee and check every aspect of the preparations for each séance, including the physical restraints applied to the medium for the whole of the séance duration. At this first séance the chosen checkers were Dawn and Paul. I was asked to oversee the whole of this operation at each of the three séances, and to declare myself completely satisfied that for each séance it would be impossible for the medium to move from his chair – or to speak normally through the ‘gag’ that was placed uncomfortably into his mouth for the whole sitting, and secured by tight plastic ‘cable ties’ behind his neck throughout.

The chair that was used for each sitting was actually one that Sandra and I own; a very basic chair, but one which allowed for a battery of very secure cable ties and straps that totally transfixed the medium’s arms and legs to the chair and completely prevented him from moving off the chair at all times. The medium and all of his clothing were carefully examined by the independent checkers and by me as we declared ourselves to be completely satisfied with the bonds and with all aspects of the séance room. An old black cardigan was worn by the medium over his clothing, and was likewise secured at the front by four plastic cable ties.

I was also invited (as were the ‘checkers’) to thoroughly check the trainers the medium wore on his feet. I did so, and made a point of carefully checking the softness of the soles. It was pointed out that the shoes with soft soles were important for the safety of the medium as a frequent finale of the séance was to levitate the medium and chair out of the cabinet, and for chair and medium to be dropped heavily onto the floor at that time. Since the medium was generally still in a deep trance state at that time, the shoes were a necessity to cushion the impact and prevent injury as the medium’s feet hit the floor. This explanation was not only a logical precaution, but – as we later witnessed – the shoes were extremely efficient in the protection they afforded. Please note that the soles of these shoes were soft in every sense and – if the medium had moved away from his chair – could not in any sense have replicated the sound of ‘boots’ as they travelled across the floor!

The ‘checkers’ searched the séance room efficiently, including every part of the simple cabinet (top too!!!) and séance equipment – trumpet; drum sticks; harmonica and horn. These two latter were played and blown by the checkers, together with their examination of the black bag into which the trumpet was stored until needed. Even the underside of every one of the delegates’ chairs was checked to ensure everything was open and ‘above board’. The recording device used to record the séance (and hanging from a light fitting) was checked too, together with the CD player used for the playing of background music. There were 35 sitters plus the medium at this first séance.

Finally, with the delegates all seated, the medium was secured into his chair, and placed into the cabinet. The wire cutters used to release the medium at the end of the séance were handed to one of the independent ‘Checkers’ to keep in his pocket for the duration of the séance. The electric standard lamp used during the preparations was removed from the séance room, together with the torch used for the final checks. The séance room was then locked, and the key given to the other independent ‘checker’ for safety. Finally, the séance room door was sealed with black tape to prevent the introduction of any light during the sitting.

Sarah, a member of the Silver Cord Circle (now living in Canberra, Australia) was in charge of the background music. Four pieces were played loudly to get the séance under way. After the fourth piece of music – ‘Over the Rainbow’, David’s principal spirit control – William Cadwell – announced his presence and greeted the sitters in a loud and clearly audible independent voice (that remained totally consistent throughout this and subsequent séances); completely different from and unlike the normal voice of the medium. At this point, we were asked to hold hands around the room to prevent any of the delegates from reaching out in their enthusiasm to touch the spirit forms and/or the ectoplasm, which would have had a disastrous effect on the medium.

Immediately afterwards, William could be clearly heard walking (in heavy shoes or boots) across and around the room (itself some 20 feet square). The delegates’ chairs formed a ‘U’ shape around three sides of the room. William interacted with several of the sitters. To begin with, he came over to the independent checker close to me; thanked her for the role she was playing. He courteously asked her if he might approach her, and again if he might touch her. When he placed his very large hand on her head, she was able to confirm that it was a ‘very large hand’, totally different from that of the medium, who has rather small hands. William stated that he had been 6ft 2inches or 6ft 3 inches tall himself when he had lived on earth.

William then repeated this approach to Paul, the other independent checker; to Robert and Barbara Mclernon; to Sandra and I, and to those people who subsequently asked him a question. On each occasion, he approached the person he wanted to speak to quite unerringly and accurately in the pitch darkness. All he touched after receiving their permission (including me) were able to testify to the fact that his hands were unusually large; they felt fully animated; warm and human in their touch. Each time William left the person he had been speaking to, his voice was heard seconds later in another totally different part of the room. Each time he requested permission to approach a sitter and touch then, there was a distinct sound of regurgitating ectoplasm as he rematerialised his hands prior to touching them. Several people were also able to feel his feet and shoes/boots as he gently touched their own feet.

William invited and took a number of questions from delegates; answering them honestly, swiftly and intelligently every time, without pause or confusion in his manner. After a while, he retired back to the cabinet to make way for the child guide ‘Timmy’. Like William, Timmy interacted with many of the delegates, moving slowly around the whole of the room whilst humming softly to himself. His childish voice and humorous tones encouraged laughter amongst sitters, which helped to raise the energy forthe next part of the sitting.

Timmy asked Christine Morgan for the trumpet, which she then took out of its black bag and placed just in front of the cabinet, whilst still holding the hand of the sitter next to her. A jolly piece of music was played, with Timmy manipulating the trumpet in an amazing aerobatic display which covered vast distances (up to 20 feet) within the séance room in a split second. Floor; high ceiling, occasionally a soft touch to a sitter’s body – nowhere in that room escaped the presence of the clearly visible ‘demon trumpet’. What was obvious to anybody there was the fact that it would have been totally impossible for any human agency to have manipulated the trumpet in a similar way (vast distances in a split second) – or at the ‘supersonic’ speed by which it was manipulated by the young spirit – Timmy!!!

Timmy’s other function in the Silver Cord Circle, is to assist personal spirits to ‘come through’ and speak to their loved ones. To begin with, he told Ann Harrison that he had two people coming for her. The first of these was her well-known husband Tom, who passed just last October. He materialised and spoke with Ann, greeting her in a way known only to the two of them; He kissed her, and then came across the room to speak to Rob McLernon, and to me. Both of us were able to recognise his distinctive voice. As he made his exit, ‘Sunrise’ – guide of the Minnie Harrison Circle (The Saturday Night Club) during Tom’s involvement in that circle – also greeted Ann in a way she recognised (referring to her as ‘little sister’).

Lynne, another delegate, had the opportunity to speak to her father. It was an emotional reunion, with evidential information about a pet rabbit she had as a young girl. Her father was able to kiss her. Quentin Crisp – a regular communicator at the Silver Cord Circle – materialised and chatted happily with us all. He helped to bring through Rob McLernon’s own guide George (a transvestite who created much laughter as he told Rob he wished to be called ‘Georgina’ in the future). This contact was very evidential for Rob, as the medium had no idea whatsoever of the identity of any of Rob’s own guides.

Louis Armstrong materialised and addressed us all in his very distinctive voice, before singing along to his own hit record ‘Hello Dolly’. He sang and danced in what were – quite obviously – heavy boots.

The final materialisation was Emma Hardinge Britten – one of the main pioneers of Spiritualism. She was most certainly a well-spoken Victorian lady, with a gentle, clear and precise voice. Emma explained that she was communicating to say ‘thank you’ to friends who she knew had participated and been involved in the restoration of her gravestone in its original place. Also she wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the placing of a memorial stone to her in the grounds of Stansted College, to create the ‘Emma Hardinge Britten Memorial Walk’ there. She asked Christine Morgan to personally thank Mrs. Mavis Pittilla.

William Cadwell returned to announce the end of the séance, which had lasted for just over one and a half hours. He said goodnight to us, and shortly afterwards there was a massive ‘bang’ some distance away from the cabinet. Sarah was asked to play the ‘coming-out’ music which she did, whilst the medium David Thompson slowly returned to full consciousness from his trance. The key to the séance room was given back by the one independent checker to Rob McLernon, who unsealed the door and retrieved a torch at first from outside. This was used to show the independent checkers that firstly, David and the chair had been levitated out of the cabinet for a distance of about 12 feet. He was still facing the same way as he had been facing in the cabinet, and the checkers were able to confirm that every single one of his bonds, including the gag, were still firmly fastened. The only difference was the fact that the cardigan he had worn (secured to his body before the séance by cable ties) was now ‘back to front’ on his body, with the buttons at the back. The cable ties securing the cardigan, however, were still firmly in place!!!

At this point, the wire cutters were returned by the checker who had looked after them throughout the séance. A dim standard lamp was brought in from outside and David was carefully released from his bonds and taken out for a reviving cup of tea and ‘chocolate fix’ before coming back later to converse with delegates.

This first séance of the Festival had been extremely successful – and the other two just simply got better and better as the week continued. Watch for the blog of the second Séance shortly!!!


Robin Foy


Wednesday 24th August 2011

Hi Everybody!

I hope you have all by now read my blog of the first séance (Monday 22nd August), and taken on board just how exciting it was for all participants. If not, please do read it as soon as possible in conjunction with this blog, as it contains much of the basic information about the Festival venue (Robert and Barbara McLernon’s Acacia Centre) in Los Molino’s, Murcia, Spain. In addition, I wrote extensively about the security protocols involved; size and description of the séance room, medium’s cabinet and chair used for the séances (this chair belongs to Sandra and I). I will not repeat all of the
information about protocols, venue etc. in this blog, as it remains essentially the same for all three séances. If anybody has any pressing queries about
details I have left out in the final two blogs, please feel free to pose your questions through PM4U or my two email addresses: and and I will do my best to answer those queries for you.

The second sitting was on Wednesday August 24th. Some of the participants were the same as those who sat on the Monday, but not all. As previously, there were 35 sitters plus the medium present. Just as for the first séance, some of these delegates had never previously sat in a séance for physical phenomena before. Prior to every séance, the ectoplasmic-based medium David Thompson explains at length in a simple way exactly what people might
experience during the séance and outlines the strict protocols that apply to all sitters – before handing over to Christine Morgan (efficient and capable
leader of the Silver Cord Circle) so she can complete the pre-séance instructions for every sitter who is present to follow to the letter. Christine always stresses to new sitters the acute danger to David’s health he faces every time he demonstrates materialisation mediumship. This is why security precautions have to be so strict prior to each and every séance.

A high level of excitement and compatible harmony had built up steadily during the day amongst delegates, as they listened to a talk by David outlining his role and experiences as an ectoplasm-based physical medium; and a further testimonial talk by Christine regarding her many séance attendances as a permanent member and leader of the Silver Cord Circle.

The two different independent ‘checkers’ were chosen ready for the séance. This time, it was another gentleman called Paul and a lady called Donna. Sitters were searched thoroughly beforehand and then led by volunteers (including Rob and Barbara McLernon plus Sandra and me) over to the
purpose-built 20 foot square séance room, where they were finally scanned by a metal detector and allocated suitable seating around three walls of the séance room.

The independent ‘checkers’ and I then searched and examined the room thoroughly; the chair, the cabinet (inside, outside and top); delegates seats; floor, ceiling, recording device (which hung from a light fitting) CD player; medium’s trainers and clothes. As I explained in my blog of the first sitting, the medium’s soft-soled shoes he wears are important to cushion a severe impact to his feet and prevent injury when the group’s spirit team levitate the chair and medium together at the end of a séance, and drop both heavily to the floor – some distance away from the cabinet. The very soft soles of the medium’s shoes when he is moving are totally different from the sound of heavy boots and shoes moving around the room when materialised spirit
personalities are present.

Likewise the few items of séance room equipment were examined and checked at this stage. These consisted of two drumsticks (each equipped with a small piece of luminous tape so they could be seen in the darkness); A trumpet with luminous tape round its larger end; a small luminous plaque (the
trumpet and plaque were placed in a black bag which was examined by the independent checkers and by me); a mouth organ and small horn. These last two instruments were examined and blown by the ‘checkers’ who were very thorough in their duties.

Finally, in front of all the participants, the medium – David Thompson – was secured thoroughly to the chair by means of plastic cable ties and straps on both his arms and legs. Once secured, the straps were further tied together by means of more cable ties. The independent ‘checkers’ and I were able to declare with total confidence that there was no way the medium could possibly leave his seat during the séance. The gag was fitted into David’s mouth and secured tightly at the back of his neck by cable ties. It would have been impossible for David to have removed the gag during a séance, and when he attempted to talk with the gag in place, he could not produce a clear and/or normal voice. Again, the ensemble was finished off by a black woollen cardigan David wore on top of his other séance clothes. The buttons were fastened, then themselves thoroughly secured by four more cable ties. Once
fastened, the spare ends of the cable ties were cut off, and the tightness of the bonds checked by the ‘independent checkers’. David, plus chair, was then
placed in the cabinet…

Once again, Sarah – a member of the Silver Cord Circle (now living in Canberra instead of Sydney where Christine and David live) undertook the playing of appropriate music on the CD player that was used. Rob McLernon moved the small standard lamp and torch out of the séance room and locked the door. The door key was handed to independent checker Donna, who was sitting close to the door, to look after until the end of the séance. The other independent checker – Paul – situated the other side of the cabinet (away from the door) was given the wire cutters to look after till the séance was finished, and the cutters were required to release the medium from his bonds.

At this point the séance got under way. Sarah played 4 pieces of music loudly: ‘Find the hero within yourself’; ‘River Dance Audition’; ‘True Colours’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’. The sitters all enthusiastically either sang or ‘Lah lah’d’ along with the music. As the final strains of the songs died away. The loud and clear Independent voice of William Cadwell (David’s principal guide) was heard greeting everybody. At this point, we were instructed to hold hands around the room to prevent anybody – in their enthusiasm – from mistakenly touching the ectoplasm and/or the materialised spirit people. Immediately afterwards, he could be heard walking from the cabinet into the room. The sounds of his heavy shoes or boots walking over the tiled floor were very distinct, and did not at all resemble the sound of soft-soled trainers such as the medium wore!

Furthermore, as he walked across the room, William then stomped his feet (to draw our attention to his heavy shoes/boots) and simultaneously clapped his hands to demonstrate that he was fully materialised. He approached the two ‘independent checkers’ in turn to thank them for the duties they were performing at this séance. He courteously asked for permission to approach them and to touch them which – of course – he received. Both of them and all subsequent sitters he interacted with were able to confirm the extremely large size of his hands, in contrast to those of the medium, which are comparatively small. William had been over six feet tall during his lifetime.

William approached Geir Svoren – a delegate from Denmark who had sat outside during the first séance, hoping in vain for a standby place in the séance. This, therefore, was his first experience of an ectoplasm-based séance. William spoke to him and touched him. Again, Geir was able to confirm the very
large sized of William’s hand. As I stated in the first blog, every time William stood in front of a delegate (and he approached all of those unerringly
and speedily in a totally dark room) there was a very distinct sound of ‘regurgitating’ ectoplasm as he dematerialised and rematerialised his hands and
feet before physically interacting with each delegate.

Questions were invited from the floor by William; he answered all of these quickly and intelligently to the satisfaction of each questioner. A couple from the Costa Del Sol – David and Dawn Ratcliffe-Fetterston – received some welcome attention from William, who felt that they had great potential for their own development of physical phenomena. He indicated that they had the right type of energy and dedication that made them suitable for this work.

William came back to me for me to pose the final question to him, and I asked if he (and/or spirit) were aware of any current progress in the field of energy-based physical phenomena. He replied that the spirit world regarded the end of the Scole Experimental Group in 1998 as a tragic loss, but
went on to say that a number of spirit scientists who were working with the Scole Group then have since begun working with two particular physical
mediumship groups/circles to try and use a combination of ectoplasm and energy for the enhancement of these groups work. One of the groups of which he was speaking was named as the Felix Experimental Group in Germany (Medium Kai Muegge); the other was the Circle of the Silver Cord itself (Medium David Thompson). This was an interesting response as far as I was concerned. Sandra and I already believed that the Felix Group was working with a combination of energy-based and ectoplasmic-based phenomena.

As William made way for the next spirit visitor, we were allowed to unclasp our hands for a short time. Then the child guide Timmy made his presence known, and spoke to us. We needed once again to hold hands all round. A very lively piece of music was played at this stage. Timmy asked for
the trumpet, and gave the now familiar aerobatic display showing how well he is able to manipulate the trumpet all around the room – at breakneck speeds that are much too fast to be duplicated by any human agency. No part of the room was neglected during this display, bearing in mind that the ceiling is a high one in this room, and the room is about 20 feet square.

Timmy then announced that he was going to show us his fingers. Christine took the small luminous plaque out of its black bag, and Timmy walked
slowly around the room holding it (humming softly to himself all the time) with his fingers clearly visible to everybody present.

Timmy than took up his other role – that of helping personal spirit visitors to interact with their loved ones in the séance room. Louisa Livingstone was told that there was someone coming for her. This was her father, who she easily recognised, and conversed with. He referred to her drawings and paintings being beautiful – this was evidential for her, as she had been involved in this activity just the previous week. Further evidence was
given regarding the mother of one of her childhood friends. Louisa was then kissed by her father, and was happy to subsequently send a testimony confirming the validity of her message and its evidential nature.

Dawn Ratcliffe-Fetterston’s grandfather came to speak to her, and gave her some very evidential information about horses when she was young, plus accurate memories of her childhood which she confirmed afterwards as very true. She was kissed by her grandfather before he left.

William Davenport (Pioneer American Physical Medium who worked with his brother Ira) came to speak to us, after being invited by his friend William Cadwell. He spoke of his sadness that – whilst the brothers’ physical mediumship WAS 100% GENUINE – the attacks they had faced, particularly from Houdini at the time, really broke his brother Ira, who never recovered from the lies and false accusations. This interesting communicator. W.D then
thanked Christine Morgan, who had personally cleaned up his gravestone in Australia for her efforts on his behalf.

One of the sitters had donated a few fresh roses for the séance, which had been placed on a small table beside the cabinet before the sitting started. Next, Quentin Crisp materialised and walked amongst us in his usual flamboyant way, chatting animatedly with many of the sitters. Quentin gave one of the roses to the host, Barbara McLernon, and another to Dawn Ratcliffe-Fetterston.

The communication ended after Louis Armstrong had spoken to us and sung along to ‘Hello Dolly’. He danced and sang, obviously clad in heavy shoes or boots, then finally played the mouth organ for delegates. William Cadwell returned to explain to Christine that the spirit team were going to bring the medium out of trance before his final chairborne levitation; William’s voice was much more muted than usual as this was explained, and we were told that the independent voice at this stage was coming from the medium’s solar plexus, to conserve energy. As the ‘coming-out’ tune was played, and
under strict security and the supervision of the ‘independent checkers’, the torch was brought back into the room and the gag was removed, after the
checkers confirmed that it was still firmly fixed into his mouth. David was heard to remark ‘I don’t like this’ as the torch was again taken outside and
the room returned to darkness.

Just as before, there was an extremely loud bang in the room some distance away from the cabinet. I was personally almost sure that the floor tiles must have been shattered by the force of the chair dropping onto them with David still in it but – in fact – no damage was sustained by either the chair or the floor tiles. Under the scrutiny of the independent checkers, all the bonds were checked and found to be still secured – just as they had been at the beginning of the séance. The wire cutters were produced, and the bonds were carefully cut to release the medium from the chair, from whence he
was taken away for a welcome cup of tea and a ‘chocolate fix’.

Once again, we had witnessed a very successful and amazing display of physical communication with the spirit world!!


With love and best wishes to you all.

Robin Foy


Friday 26th August 2011

Hi again, everybody!

Now we come to the third and final sitting of this Fabulous Festival which – by the way – is to become an annual event, although next year it will be taking place (with David Thompson and Christine Morgan) during the latter part of September………… Anyone interested should make a note in their diaries to watch out for the announcement soon; as we can guarantee that the bookings will come in thick and fast after this year’s event.

In the meantime, there is a two-day workshop on trance and physical mediumship – finishing in a séance, with UK Physical Medium Scott Milligan at the Acacia Centre in Spain on November 11th and 12th this year. Unfortunately, there are only 25 places available (of which 10 are already booked!!). Kai Muegge will also be at the Acacia Centre for a week in February next year.

However, back to the present. For Sandra and I this third sitting provided amazing EVIDENCE!!!! We live about 40 miles away from the Acacia Centre so have been travelling daily to the Festival. Before we left our home in the morning, there were a couple of bits of psychic activity in our apartment. This is nothing new for us, but we noticed it on Friday. Just a plug placed in the bath without our knowledge, and signs of tampering with the receiver box on our television. We put it down at the time to Timmy – David’s child guide, and thought no more about it. We have 4 cats. Three were in the apartment when we left, but the fourth – a very large cat named – yes – ‘Timmy’ was outside, and locked out of the upstairs apartment. When we arrived home
after the séance on Friday, there were 4 cats indoors!!!! Timmy had been apported through a wall and locked door into our home!!!!

Once again, I urge you all to read these reports of the three séances in chronological order, as the first two reports contain the most information on the protocols and checks instituted on medium David Thomson, and safety measures amongst all the sitters for his protection during the séances. I will not repeat everything I have already reported on in the other two – just the important points.

Prior to the séance, David Thompson gave his usual preparatory talk to everybody who would be sitting that evening. Eight of the people had not sat previously in any other séance that week. Two new ‘Independent Checkers’ were chosen to observe the preparations for the séance; to search the séance room beforehand – then satisfy themselves that the restraints used to strap David into his chair were totally secure; thus preventing him from any possibility of leaving his seat during the séance. For this séance, the ‘checkers’ were: David Darnborough and a lady called Giulia. I was once again asked to oversee the whole process of preparation for the séance (a duty I had gladly undertaken for the whole of the week), and to lead some of the sitters into the séance room, where they were allocated appropriate seats.

As before, there were 35 sitters, plus the medium, who were all seated around the outer walls of the séance room. All – including Christine and David – were thoroughly searched beforehand by volunteers, as delegates were only allowed to take glasses, hearing aids and a tissue into the room. When the delegates entered, they were finally scanned with a metal detector. The safety of the medium is paramount, and David (as an ectoplasmic-based medium) literally puts his life on the line every time he sits for phenomena.

The room had been thoroughly searched; the medium’s chair (which in this case belonged to Sandra and I); the underside of delegates’ chairs, the cabinet – inside and out, plus the séance equipment. This consisted of séance trumpet and small luminous plaque (which were placed in a black bag until asked for by the spirit guides); two drumsticks (each with a small piece of luminous tape at their ends); a mouth organ and small horn. The CD player,
which was used for background music, was also examined carefully. This was to be operated by Sarah (A member of the Silver Cord Circle), and was situated close to me.

A recording device was examined, and hung from a light fitting. One interesting point to make here – which I had previously forgotten – was the fact that during the first (Monday) séance, the microphone on this recording device had not been connected during the séance (a small mistake), but the device nevertheless fully recorded the séance!!! Technically, an impossibility; but it actually happened!!!

As before, David’s clothes and shoes were carefully examined by the ‘independent checkers’, who noted the softness of the soles on his shoes (worn to cushion the hard impact on the unconscious medium’s feet caused when he and the chair were levitated and dropped at the end of the séance). Any sounds that could have been made by the soft soles of these shoes walking across the tiled floor of the séance room could never have been confused with
the sounds made by heavier shoes or boots worn by the materialised spirit personalities during the séance.

In front of the seated delegates, David was then thoroughly strapped into the chair by his arms and legs, using a combination of leather straps and cable ties. A gag was fitted into David’s mouth; this was knotted behind his neck and secured with tight cable ties. There was absolutely no way he could have moved from his seat during the séance. I was satisfied that this was the case; the ‘independent checkers’ confirmed that they were satisfied too. Finally, an old woollen cardigan was worn by David over his top. This was buttoned up normally in front of him, with the buttons also being secured by cable ties.

The fastened cable ties themselves could not be removed without a wire cutter. For the duration of the séance, this was kept safe by ‘independent checker’ David Darnborough, who was sitting next to Sandra on one side of the cabinet. A small standard lamp – used for minimum lighting till everybody was settled – was taken out of the room by Rob McLernon, together with the torch that had been used by Christine whilst David was being bound to
the chair. The door to the séance room was sealed by Rob; the key given to ‘Independent Checker’ Giulia to keep throughout the séance.

Christine Morgan said an opening prayer and the séance started, with Sarah playing the same 4 pieces of music that had been played at the previous two séances, whilst the delegates sang or lah-lah’d lustily. As the last strains of ‘Over the Rainbow’ died away, we were greeted by the independent voice of William Cadwell – David’s chief guide. All delegates were asked to hold hands at this point – whilst ectoplasm was present and moving
round the séance room. William then walked out of the cabinet, and over to David Darnborough, who was seated near the corner to the right of the cabinet. The loud sound made by William’s boots/shoes on the tiled floor was very loud and distinctive; totally unlike the sound made by the trainers worn by the medium.

William thanked David for his cooperation in his role as ‘Independent Checker’. As in previous séances, he asked if David was happy for him to approach and then touch him. Of course, David was happy with this. Just before William materialised his hands fully, there was the now familiar sound of ‘regurgitating ectoplasm’. This was repeated every time William approached another sitter, and when other spirit personalities materialised. William moved away from David, and came to the corner to the left of the cabinet, where ‘Independent Checker’ Giulia was sitting (next but one to me). He thanked her for her temporary duties, and touched her on her head. All sitters who were touched in this way by William were able to confirm that William’s hand was extremely large, whilst the hands of the medium were quite small.

William stated that the grandfather of delegate Katja (who is German) was intending to speak to her tonight – hopefully in her native language. He commented (too much laughter) that ‘Young David doesn’t have much luck with his own language – let alone German’, so he would try and help the German communicator to speak. Several questions were put to William by different sitters. As before, William’s answers were quick, spontaneous and precise. Each time he approached the questioner, he interacted physically with them by touching them, sometimes touching their feet gently with his boots. Never did William have the slightest difficulty in moving around the séance room in the dark. He travelled immediately to those he wanted to speak to. After 38 years of involvement in séances and experimental sittings, I can myself assure everybody exactly how difficult and disorientating it is to navigate accurately in a totally dark room. In fact, at one of the earlier séances, when Rob McLernon attempted to open the séance room door after a sitting, it was discovered he was trying to put the room key into the side of the cabinet instead of the door!!!

As William left, the child guide ‘Timmy’ manifested. He asked for the trumpet and drumsticks, which Christine took out of their bag and placed in front of the cabinet (whilst still holding the hand of the sitter next to her) before returning to her seat. Sarah was asked to play an extremely lively tune. She did as she was asked, and Timmy controlled an amazing display of aerobatics with the trumpet levitating and shooting about the room at supersonic speeds – much faster than could ever have been achieved by a human agency. The distance covered by the trumpet in microseconds was amazing; with the trumpet travelling to every part of the room without exception (bearing in mind that the room was about 20 feet square). Occasionally, the trumpet would lightly touch one of the sitters briefly before shooting off again at great speed.

Timmy continued with a semi-professional display of drumming, using the luminous drumsticks set out by Christine. He was very good at this, and again lightly touched sitters around the room with these musical props. As that ended, he reverted to his ‘other’ job of helping personal communicators to speak to their loved ones. He attempted to bring Katja’s grandfather, but had some difficulty, so had to ask for the help of David’s secondary guide ‘Jack’ Jack came to talk to us and explained that he would help the gentleman, who was then able to communicate with Katja in German. The medium has no knowledge whatsoever of this language, although I do. I can therefore verify that Katja’s grandfather was speaking to her in perfect German.

Timmy left after this communication. Sarah played another song. As the familiar song ‘Jerusalem’ began to fill the air, I had an odd feeling that a friend of ours might appear. How right that was!!!!

A loud and clear voice familiar to millions filled the air: “My name is Winston Churchill, and I want to speak to Robin Foy!” I was – of course – delighted. ‘Winnie’ has been a very dear friend for 38 years!!! Winston addressed Sandra as well, and told us: “Don’t ever think that we would abandon you!!!” He stated that when all of our Scole spirit team had spoken to us in independent ‘energy voices’ in France in 2007 (through Scottish Physical Mediums Tom and Linda Anderson), the information they had given us about our future work had been 100% genuine and 100% correct. This was amazing evidence for Sandra and I. Christine and David (and everybody else who was present at this séance) had no idea about our sittings in France; who had been there or what had been discussed.

Winston walked across the room to where Sandra was sitting, and chatted with her for a while, asking ‘Have you had a row? Why aren’t you together??” As it happens, we had simply sat where instructed, but we had a laugh with Winnie, who also reminded us of the pleasant chats we had with him in the past, saying he missed them. Most certainly, we did as well. It was no surprise to us that Winston could speak so well and so clearly; he has manifested through the use of ectoplasm many times.

The next communicator, however, was not so experienced in the use of ectoplasm. In fact, as a genteel Victorian lady, she would probably have considered the idea of ectoplasm almost distasteful. However – she loved us enough to make the attempt at this séance. This was our own dear guide (and
member of our spirit team at Scole) Emily Bradshaw. She managed to say that her name was ‘Emily’, and promised that she would materialise in the light in future. William told us that Emily was frustrated that she was unable to get her voice ‘quite right’ this time. Unfortunately, she was also unable to
sustain the communication, as the ectoplasmic-based way was not familiar to her – having concentrated on the energy-based phenomena. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to hear from her on this joyous occasion.

The next spirit visitor was Kenneth Williams, who materialised close to me, and spoke to one of his dearest friends – Carol Hawkins – who was present. He spoke of a couple of ‘Carry On’ films they had appeared in together when he was alive, and joked about one of Timmy’s drumsticks still being stuck in the ectoplasm. Kenneth spoke for a while, and then left. He was followed by the materialised Quentin Crisp, who joked happily with us all. Carol’s partner Martin reminded her of another occasion – with a different physical medium – when Kenny Williams had spoken to her before and – as on this occasion, Kenny had been followed by Quentin Crisp.

Finally, Louis Armstrong came to speak and to sing – once again – his hit song ‘Hello Dolly’ for us; dancing and clapping his hands as he did so. The sound of his boots on the floor was very loud. It was quite obvious to us all that he was NOT wearing trainers!!!

William Cadwell then returned to say farewell. He thanked Barbara and Rob; Sandra and I for our efforts in putting together this very successful ‘Festival of Physical Mediumship’, and confirmed that we would be seeing more of David and Christine at the Acacia centre in the future.

As William faded away, there was one more extremely loud bang from the centre of the room, as David (still seated in his chair) was levitated, complete with chair, and dropped onto the tile floor, some 4 metres away from the cabinet. This time, David was still entranced; the chair had been turned round by 180 degrees, and was facing the cabinet. The ‘coming-out music was played by Sarah, and David gradually came out of his deep trance. The ‘independent checkers’ supervised his being cut free from his bonds – which they had previously confirmed were still all tightly in place, including the
gag which would have prevented David from speaking coherently at all during the session. For the third time this week, the old cardigan had been reversed so that it was now ‘back to front’, but still securely tied around the buttons. It too had to be cut off!!


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