Ron Pearson B,Sc.Eng.(Hons)*C.Eng.M.I.Mech.E.

A Sitting with the “Circle of the Silver Cord”

Featuring the Materialisation Medium David Thompson.
Location: Stafford, UK. –  Date of sitting: 8th October 2007

Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson

By Ronald D.Pearson with additional comments by Rory Macquisten

We, that is Rory Macquisten and myself, were kindly invited, by The Circle of the Silver Cord, to witness a materialisation experiment. The circle leader requested a testimonial regarding

the quality of the phenomenon. This is that testimonial. It was made clear to us at the outset that this was to be an experimental session. For the first time, an attempt would be made to photograph the materialised face of David Thompson’s guide called William. This was to be carried out using dim red light in conjunction with a very sensitive camera. No guarantees could be offered that other communication would be achieved; we had to accept what outcome emerged. This seemed very reasonable. Anyone who has been involved in psychic development soon become aware of the fickle nature of psychic phenomena: they cannot be called in on request.

The sitting began at 8pm starting with very careful precautions for safeguarding the medium. All sitters had to remove any metal objects and be subjected to a whole body search before entering the blacked out séance room and this was then kept locked for the duration of the experiment. David Thompson, the materialisation medium, was seated in an armchair in one corner of the room that had also been fitted with a curtain to provide a cabinet enclosure for the medium, He was made to wear a woollen jacket that was not only buttoned: it was sealed with plastic ties. This meant that it would be impossible for him to remove this jacket. His legs were bound to the chair legs and his wrists clamped to the arms of the chair by leather belts and buckles. To make sure nothing could be removed all these ties were sealed by plastic ties. He was also subjected to a mouth gag by a black cloth tied at the back of his head.
Rory and I were requested to carefully check all these procedures at each stage. It did seem impossible for the medium to move from his chair. The wrist straps, for example seemed too tight for it to be possible for either hand to be squeezed out. Walls and floor were checked to ensure that there could be no other access. The session began with loud chamber music to raise vibrations and condition the sitters to a non-reasoning mental state (The logical side of the brain interferes with the mind’s ability to encourage psychic effects) Soon the voice of William came through in what Rory said later sounded like an 18th century accent. To me being rather hard of hearing this communication seemed very intermittent and difficult to decipher. However, I did realise he was giving instructions about using the camera. He would only allow the dim red light to be switched on for two seconds. This seemed to have reduced the power of communication quite drastically and so a further blast of loud music followed to build up the power again before making the next attempt. William was clearly in charge and gave further instructions for new attempts, increasing the exposure time slightly from test to test. Several such attempts were made. At each attempt some sitters including Rory were dimly able to see ectoplasm or a materialised face but I was unable to confirm this.

Then a new and totally different male voice came through which was far more fluent and easy to understand. This person was introduced by William as Arthur Conan Doyle. He addressed “Ron Pearson” telling me that when on Earth he had tried hard to work out some theory able to relate paranormal phenomena to existing physics but had failed to do so. He congratulated me on having achieved something he had not managed to do and said he thought this was correct. He also made another most surprising statement. He said Isaac Newton had accepted some ideas I had originated for modifying his mechanics and that he was working with me! Mow this did seem extraordinary. How could I possibly tell our most famous scientist anything he did not already know? This seems very flattering but difficult to accept. However, that is what the man said. What was also correct was that I had had to make an extension to Newtonian mechanics in my theory and it appears that this remark was referring to this. Validation on both sides seemed apparent. He also asked how he could help. I answered that what was most pressing was to find a way of selling my book on the subject. (A trilogy devoted to extending physics to encompass the paranormal including survival of consciousness is in preparation and PART I and PART II of “CREATION SOLVED?” are already being sold. Unfortunately they are only going at a rate of one per week and this will nowhere near cover investment in the first advert) His response was to offer a deal. He would help in the selling provided it was only for books on the survival topics, showing physics could be extended to give it support. Of course I was only too willing to agree: I have no plans to write any other kind of book.

After winding up the session Rory and I were requested to inspect David Thompson again. He was still gagged and bound to the chair with all ties and seals intact exactly as at the start of the séance except for one thing: his jacket had been reversed! The buttons and ties that had been at the front were now sprouting from about where his backbone lay. This was most extraordinary. Later the recording was displayed on a desktop computer screen. The experiment had succeeded in producing the image of a face. These images were at the same time as the 3 seconds of the red light that had been put on for the benefit of the new image intensifying camera. In a few of the frames a face could clearly be seen to emerge from out of the white ectoplasm, look around, and then return. Greater definition is needed. It was of course a first attempt. However, this caused great excitement among all sitters. All present considered the experiment a success.

Our assessment

Rory and I discussed the possibility of conjuring tricks. Stage magicians do the most amazing things that seem quite impossible. Could David have slipped out of the jacket in some conjuring trick way and faked the materialisation? Could he have removed gag and faked the voices? How could he slip out of the jacket without breaking the seals and put it back on again the wrong way round? This deception would only have been possible if he had been able to slide his hands out of the belts holding them to the chair and these had seemed too tight for that. The alternative explanation is that spirit people have mastered technology of the “apport” My theory suggests this is achieved by copying out the wave-function or plan of an object so that the position of every atom recorded in the i-theric memory banks. Then a new location is selected and its co-ordinates specified. The pan is copied out at the new place. The double wave – plan, now existing, allows the i-ther to permit every atom two locations. Each is apparently making instantaneous jumps between the two allowed positions. Then the code of the original position is deleted leaving the object in the new place. I know apports happen since I witnessed one about once a year or so. Furthermore, the verbal communication seems to fit in with my previous experience. So I will now relate this in order to give the reader more evidence on which to make judgement.

Support from Mental Mediumship

As far as the communication is concerned it fits in with others received, this time from mental mediums. The most convincing of these I will now place on record.
In May 2000 I received a call from Christian Passey in Cheltenham: somebody I had never heard of before. She said she was a medium and had been instructed by a deceased scientist to come to give me a reading. She came on 14/05/00 and I will copy the script she wrote after the reading, omitting sections that came through from my Uncle Sam who seemed to butt in now and then. She listed them by number and I quote verbatim from the list.

1.    Meeting coming up – information a bombshell to some people – trying to change their perception. (Your lecture) will not be a total success, or a total failure. Some people will not be sufficiently far-sighted as to take it on board.
2.    A man whose name begins with Y will contact you. (I remember her saying he would be ringing me in about two days to try and help.)
3.    A superior from a past work situation will help. A Prof?
4.    Remember to lock your door at night: sometimes you forget. (very true)
5.    Ron could do with a change of scenery. (no comment)
6.    You will get more ideas when out walking. (I always do think about new ideas when walking the dog)
9.   You are a great seer – book will make money. (This must be wrong as in no way am I a seer. This confusion seems to be associated with my thinking at that time. I was then trying to write a novel “Inventions of the future that saved the planet” by Ron D, Clarke. It was set in the future looking back to present. Two top graduates, one male one female were competing with ideas for new inventions and gained top positions in research institutes. They continue to vie with one another bringing out new inventions to control global warming, create artificial wood from sargassum to save the rain forests and operate an oil-free economy. They never become friends but together succeed in saving the planet. I had hoped it might trigger new research on the proposal made as Arthur C. Clark managed to do. Unfortunately friends who read bits of the script told me “my character did not live” so I gave it up)
12. Your ideas in physics will take root after your death: – you will have the satisfaction of observing them from the spirit world.
14. Give Margaret a cuddle. (Implying I do not give the affection my wife needs)
16. Bath University – connection (Future help?)
19. Your work is “superb wonderful” – 8/9 out of 10
20. Please make papers easy to read.
21. Revisions of past work important.
22.  You need to make a leap of intuition and will do so soon.
23. Sir Isaac Newton – “well done my boy” and “I used to keep very careful notebooks”. (She had said that I did not keep adequate notebooks during the reading and this was true)
End of Communication.

Consequences following the mental mediumship

Item 9 – Two days afterwards walking the dog to the style leading into woods I saw a chicken wire fence blocking the way the dog had to use since the style was too narrow. On approaching the chicken wire just vanished! I worried about having hallucinations. Two days later the same thing happened except that this time the chicken wire was real. I had seen it before it had been put into position as if to confirm that I was able to see in the future. (I do not claim that I can)

Item 2 – Then a man called Steve Yabsley rang from BBC Bristol inviting me to come along to advertise the lecture I would be giving to the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution the following week.

Item 1 – The lecture was well attended. Indeed the lecture hall overflowed. The subject was my exact mechanics for replacing Einstein’s flawed relativity theories. It seemed to be going well and I knew I was being understood. Then 20 minutes before the end one Victor Sushar, the leading member of the society and a scientist, broke in without warning giving a lecture of his own without waiting for discussion time. This made everybody very angry. People were telling him to shut up – we have not come to hear you – one put his coat on to leave. But Suchar pressed on regardless in an attempt to discredit everything I had said and the chairman did nothing to stop him. It ruined the lecture since I was unable to finish with 20 minutes taken away. I had been warned in item 1 but was not prepared for this action.

Item 3 – Professor Wallace who had been my superior at Bath University invited me to give a lecture to a group of intellectuals regarding, my new mechanics that provides an alternative to Einstein’s relativity theories.

So the predictions given during the reading were well substantiated (except for my being a seer, which seems to have been the only error). The rest all gives strong support to me that the communicator, by David Thompson’s mediumship, was Conan Doyle who he said he was, since he confirmed what I had already been told by Newton.

However, several people in our group have been critical of failure to incorporate passive infrared camera since these can in no way affect the ectoplasm. The evidence would have carried total conviction if one had been deployed.

The pursuit of full materialisation in normal light, such that good video evidence could be attained, seemed to also be a worthy goal in order to establish final proof for the majority of Scientist.

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