Whispers of The Soul – Banyan Retreat – April 2014

David is an extraordinary physical medium with a deep knowledge and understanding of trance and altered states. In his workshop, he stressed the importance of true personal and spiritual development – being totally honest with ourselves – to reveal our true selves, especially when developing for altered states. He also emphasised the need discernment in all areas of our development.


It was a privilege to experience one of David’s séances. After being informed of the rules and safety issues of the séance, everyone was searched by independent checkers and wanded with a metal detector to make sure nothing went into the séance room. The room was also thoroughly searched.


David was bound to his chair with leather straps and strong plastic cable ties, which were tested by the independent checkers. He was also gagged, and the woollen cardigan he was wearing was secured up the front with cable ties. We all sat in a circle in the dark room and sang our hearts out as David moved into a deep trance state.


It wasn’t long before David’s main spirit control, William, introduced himself to us. We all held hands as William spoke to us, with his distinctive English accent and very polite manner, about how most people are surprised to discover that they aren’t who they thought they were after transitioning to the spirit world. We could all hear the sound of William’s boots on the floor as he walked around the séance room, and he touched five of the sitters on their heads. They all reported that his hands were enormous – much bigger than David’s small hands.


Timmy, a young boy who draws the ectoplasm from David so the spirits can manifest in the séance room, had us in hysterics with his wicked sense of humour. He delighted us with his amazing talent for flying the illuminated trumpets around the room and banging them on the ceiling using ectoplasmic rods. He also brought several loved ones through, including a woman’s grandfather and another woman’s mother and father, who apologised for being difficult. She was able to tell her father that she forgave him and he put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her on the brow.


We were also deeply moved when another member of David’s spirit team brought through a woman’s 16-week old baby. The baby touched her on her hands and face, and the woman told us that they were very small hands with soft, chubby fingers. I was seated next to the baby’s mother and could feel the depth of emotion coming from her, and she carried the energy beautifully. It was a deeply moving experience.


Timmy then took an illuminated ball from the hand of one independent checker and walked around the circle holding the ball so we could all see his hands. Timmy is about 7 years old but he has tiny hands. This was an extraordinary moment being able to see a manifestation of spirit. As he came up to me Timmy touched my knee and said that he remembered me from last time, which was really lovely for me.


We were also privileged to have the wonderful Louis Armstrong visit us and sing Hello Dolly, and he sang Happy Birthday to Steven.


William returned to say goodbye and after he left we heard a loud bang. When David came out of trance we could see that his chair had been lifted out of the cabinet and placed down within the circle. Also, his cardigan was on back-to-front, even though the cable ties were intact in the cardigan and around his wrists and ankles. His gag was still in place as well. The independent checkers confirmed that the ties were still in place. What an amazing experience!


Gina Hetherington (Australian journalist and healer)




David Thompson Séance 8/11/13 Oswestry

Report by Paul Challenger invigilator.

Our party of 6 arrived in two tranches – the first 3 arrived early, the remainder were late due to a car crash which blocked their route. The séance start was delayed for theirs and 2 other’s late arrival due to this event.

The venue was a privately owned property deep in the Shropshire countryside which had formerly been a farm. The facilities for this event were converted from a former cowshed and comprised an entrance lobby (shoes are taken off and left here) with adjoining ladies loo, reception room which could comfortably seat 30 persons, small kitchenette off this room and off the other side, the séance room.

The séance room could seat 30 people around 3 walls facing the 4th wall of a square room. It was empty of everything except chairs around the 3 walls, one door, one curtained window and the cabinet. The room was carpeted and had 4 wall lights – 3 with bulbs in. There was no ceiling, the room being open to the roof, a large “A” frame rafter across the centre of the space. A 5 x 4 foot sheet of plywood was placed about four foot in front of the cabinet to act as a sounding board.

The pre-séance talk was given in the reception room by a Silver Cord circle U.K. associate member and all persons connected with David and the property owner were introduced. Security protocols were outlined and a typical séance described. Potential hazards, especially to the medium, were also described together with Do’s and Dont’s. Invigilator’s were chosen by Christine Morgan, circle leader, and I was the chosen male. I had not met or communicated with anyone connected to this event (other than my own 6 person group) before the event.

Security measures.

David was first in the room followed by myself to be patted down by way of search plus swept by a metal detector. Christine and my female counter part were next in. The female invigilator searched Christine (and vice versa). We then had time to examine the room and watch every subsequent sitter, including those with the Silver Cord circle, be searched and directed to a seat by David. No shoes were allowed in the room and whatever a person was wearing, such as a jumper or cardigan, had to stay in place regardless of any heat discomfort, throughout the séance.

We inspected the cabinet which was 2 sides and “roof” of 1cm thick plyboard construction affixed to the wall opposite the door (using the wall as the cabinet rear). The cabinet was about 6 feet in height and 3 feet depth and finished with a pair of black curtains to close off the open front when drawn. The cabinet was painted inside and out in matt black paint and it’s floor was simply the carpet of the room.

The medium’s chair was of wooden construction in the style of a dining room chair, four legs and two arms, wider than normally encountered in typical homes. We examined the chair for solidity and underneath it using a torch. Cable ties had been securely attached using strong black tape to the ends of the chair arms and leather buckle straps were similarly attached to the two front legs.  I also lifted up the soundboard, of similar plyboard as the cabinet, to ensure that there was nothing underneath.

The objects to be used in the séance were inspected including the recording device, CD player, bell, harmonica, small bugle like musical instrument, torch with red filter, ping pong size ball painted in luminous paint, luminous plaque (5 inches square) and trumpet – the trumpet and ball were stored in velvet bags which were turned inside out when examined.

I then searched all the sitters of the Silver Cord circle and the owner of the property using the patting down method, including collars, waistbands, pockets and trouser legs (I am trained to do this in my job as a safety steward at Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium). I searched David using the same method. David was the only person present wearing shoes – to protect his feet in case the Spirit lifted him in the chair from the cabinet to be dropped outside it. Both shoes were taken off and inspected inside and out. The chair was then placed in the cabinet.

A woollen cardigan was examined and put on by David to be buttoned at the front. Strapping to the chair was undertaken at the wrists and ankles using the straps attached to the chair legs and nylon buckle straps at the wrists inserted in the already attached cable tie loops. Cable ties were selected by the invigilators from supplies. I selected 7 long ties. The balance in the supply kits were removed from the room. Selecting one tie at random, I pulled it all the way through and tried to re-open it (unsuccessfully). Small cable ties were inserted through the nylon buckle straps to prevent unbuckling of these. Five of my six long cable ties were also inserted through both sides of the cardigan front, “sewing” the sides together. A gag (velvet scarf?) was placed around David’s head, cutting deep into his mouth and tightly knotted at the rear. My final tie was tightened around the knot. Finally, the excess part of each tie was cut off and I retained the cutter in my pocket until needed again at the end. The small recording device was switched on and placed near David’s feet.


The séance was about to begin and the curtains were closed on David in the cabinet. The bulbs were removed from the three wall lights and Christine guided the circle member to his seat with her small torch after the last bulb was removed. Christine sat in the chair in the left hand corner nearest the cabinet from David’s viewpoint. My seat was immediately to her left. Before Christine seated herself she heard a voice from the cabinet, spoke to David to say that the three bulbs had been removed and we all heard his grunt (because of the gag) in response. Christine pointed out that the clear voice heard before David’s acknowledgement, was the voice of William, the control Guide. This was before David was entranced. I couldn’t say I clearly heard a voice from the cabinet at that point as I wouldn’t have recognised the Guide but others said they heard him and evidence would be held on the recording device. Christine wore a small, feint red light emitting device to mark her location for the sitters.

The first of 3 – 4 songs were played loudly on the CD player and we were all encouraged to join in by singing along whilst David slipped into trance. After the singing, we were greeted by William the control Guide who then stepped out of the cabinet and walked into the room – the evidence for this being the sound of his footsteps across the plywood on the floor and the sound of his voice moving around. The voice seemed to be at the mouth height for a tall person (David is short) and was distinctive, of very good volume, crisp and clear yet sounding like a cultured older man. After moving around the room, William wished to greet the female invigilator and did so by walking over to her (she was seated directly opposite myself). He asked if he could put his hand on her head and was allowed to do so. Christine asked if she could describe what was taking place which she did. William then came over to me and repeated the introduction and request. I felt a large pad of a hand be gently placed on the front part of my head and rock backwards and forwards slightly with large finger tip like sensations touching the circumference of my skull. This was in pitch blackness yet the “hand” had no problem in finding my head.

William moved around the room and touched others in the same way, also inviting questions to be asked of him. His answers to these were of a high standard philosophically / spiritually and seemed to please the questioner and interest the neutral listener. I do not intend to report what was said as a transcript of the dialogue can be obtained via the recording device. His voice was always consistently at the same approximate height, intonation and character and his detailed explanation of the use of ectoplasm particularly informative.

The next change came from William when he came towards Christine and questioned her as to specific events surrounding the Thompson’s visit and stay at a convent in Perth, Western Australia. Firstly, he questioned whether or not Christine had packed the couple’s suitcases to come to Europe and if she knew exactly what had been packed. She had done so and had unpacked and re-packed them more than once since arriving here. William drew out of her memory information about humorous events at the convent when Christine said that he was alluding to youngsters putting plastic insects in their beds to cause mayhem at bedtime – the strange thing being that the youngsters were adamant that they had put them in both beds yet only the ones in Christine’s were discovered. As far as she knew, Christine said that the fake insects were left behind in Australia.

When the singing was performed, the circle members were not required to hold hands either side but whenever a Spirit was present, each person was required to hold the hand of his/her neighbour on both sides. William instructed Christine to move my hand with her own forwards and approached us. Christine’s left hand was smaller than my right and her palm was slightly at my right wrist leaving the last joint of all my fingers and right thumb free. Her right hand gripped my right arm at the elbow. William made a sound like “retching” ahead of and slightly above our hands. The sound was similar to all sounds said by the Silver Cord circle to be the Spirit entering or leaving ectoplasm which were heard throughout the séance. Christine took the sound to be the same as when an apport has occurred in the past. At the culmination of the sound, I felt what seemed like very large fingers touch the back of my hand and almost simultaneously something like a “bar” was pressed between my right index finger and thumb which I then gripped. In fact, two small and light objects were placed into our joined hands. I said when I felt the bar ” I hope he hasn’t coughed up his false teeth”. After depositing the apport, William suggested Christine check what they were and she identified them as the very same plastic insects of the kind placed in her bed in the convent in Perth. This brought what seemed to me as an observer to be genuine emotion to Christine.

After William returned to the cabinet, more songs were played loudly and with accompanying singing. More ectoplasmic sounds brought forth a smaller voice introduced as “Tim”. (Later explanations had it that this Spirit was that of a child who died around 1909 aged about 9 and who had been a “street urchin” living in London – tiny in size compared with a fit and healthy 9 year old of today.) Again, Tim had a unique and vibrant voice and was capable of lively banter – the voice being at a low height. Early on, Tim left the cabinet and moved around. He asked for the luminous ball to be produced by Christine from it’s pouch and given to the female sitting to my left (a lady from my own group), from whom he would pick it up. The ball was held up on the palm of the lady’s right hand and, at one point, it’s light was briefly completely covered. Christine said she saw Tim’s slight fingers – at that point, I could only attest to the extinguishing of the luminous effect.

Tim took the ball from the hand and walked with it and went from person to person around the room with each person saying out loud what they could see and most, if not all, said they could see small fingers. Finally, the ball was brought back to the lady next to me and, this time, in the exchange, I could clearly see small thin fingers holding it.

Next, Tim asked for the trumpet to be placed in front of the cabinet. Christine removed the trumpet from it’s velvet bag and took it a few steps in the direction of the cabinet front. She had difficulty finding her way back to her seat and walked into me.

The trumpet was then “picked up” or levitated and “swished” around at extreme speed, not once hitting the beam or cabinet unintentionally. Patterns of light from the luminous tape at it’s wide end were exquisite. The display lasted minutes and the speed did not abate except for twice when the trumpet was purposefully rapped against the beam and then again against the cabinet roof. On two further occasions, the trumpet was directed at high speed towards my immediate neighbour’s face only to suddenly be stopped just short – alarming and fascinating in equal measure in the pitch black. Tim may have returned the trumpet to Christine – not sure.

Tim returned to the cabinet and part of his banter from the direction of the front edge of the cabinet alluded to the possibility of a relative of someone present being allowed to enter ectoplasm and speak with the relative. There was a chat between Tim and someone else in the cabinet clearly behind Tim with the second voice being indistinct. Tim came back strongly to say he had a “Jackie” who wanted to step into the room. A couple of person’s present said they had lost a relative named Jackie. This Jackie was a Scotsman and he was welcomed by a female Scot in the room. More ectoplasmic noises and a Scottish accent was heard talking (at average height) as he walked into the room and towards the Scottish lady away to my left against the opposite wall. There ensued a conversation between the two and the lady confirmed recognition of the voice and personal detail. The distinctive accent was in a voice which was weaker and not as clear as the two former Spirit voices yet could clearly be heard to walk through the room. Before returning to the cabinet, the lady stated that her Uncle Jackie had held her head on both sides simultaneously.

After Jackie, the famous singer Louis Armstrong, another regular attendee of David’s séances, was introduced and he came out of the cabinet and walked forward singing. We were asked not to join in during the first song but did so for the second. The clarity was very good with some distortion because of working through ectoplasm. Louis did not say much but walked around the room when singing – voice at the height for a tall man. (One of my group testifies that in a previous séance he attended, Louis spoke with a fan of his.) Louis asked for the harmonica which was held out by Christine. His playing of the instrument was exceptional and he played two long renditions before returning the harmonica to Christine.

William’s voice came back in exactly the same intonation and clarity as before to close the evening. He invited Christine and invigilators to inspect David in the cabinet. We were taken forward using the torch with it’s red filter. The curtains were drawn back and we clearly saw David strapped in the chair. We closely examined his gag, wrists and ankle ties and to confirm they were as last seen. The cardigan which had been “sewn” together with cable ties, was now seen to be worn back to front, still with cut off cable ties attached.

We were returning to our seats when there was a clear and distinct comment made by William from the cabinet (note: immediately after seeing David gagged). Closing songs were played on the CD player. During one of these, there was a very loud noise like a heavy weight dropped from height onto the soundboard. When the music was over, we were told that David would need time to return from trance and after an interlude, Christine stepped forward with the torch and invited my co-invigilator and myself in white light of the torch to inspect David again – he was now positioned out of the cabinet still strapped in the chair in the middle of the soundboard and this movement was the obvious cause of the recent loud noise. As the bulbs in the lights were being replaced, the cable ties were cut and the gag and straps removed, releasing David. He was calm and was without any signs of exertion. His cheeks were indented by the gag for some time. The plastic insects were examined in full light – one was like a centipede, the other a large cockroach, both about 3 inches in length.

After the séance, there were refreshments taken in the other room and easy conversation with Silver Cord circle members and Christine available to answer any question (David needed peace and quiet for most of this time but was in the room and did converse with some present).

I will testify that the events detailed above and descriptions of what I saw and heard, are true to the best of my knowledge. My recall of what was actually said by Spirit persons is not likely to be as accurate as would be required for evidence in a court of law – for this, the recording should be heard. As an invigilator, all I would change would be to check under every sitter’s chair before the séance and to write down the order of black versus white (clear) cable ties used to sew up David’s cardigan and restraints (the latter wouldn’t even have occurred to me if purely black or white ties had been provided – that they both were clearly shows honesty on the part of Silver Cord circle).

 Paul Challenger

Security word count: 3053 words.

Perth Seance – October 2011 – WA, Australia

I am writing to thank you and your Spirit team for the wonderful Seance I attended with my Daughter Lia.  I have attended Seances with you before, but for Lia, this was her first time.  I was very proud of the way in which she conducted herself during a very emotional experience, and the way in which she conversed with William and young Timmy, she spoke to them as though they were part of her every day life !
The energy in the room was excellent that night, and the whole Seance was fantastic, concluding with David – still bound and gagged in his chair, being moved from the cabinet to a position in the far corner of the room approximately 13 metres in distance, and with his cardigan still on but back to front.
Initially after we had all attempted to sing at the tops of our voices, and made it through several songs, William materialised and welcomed us all, speaking to us and walking around the room.  We were then  invited to ask questions.  Lia introduced herself to William and told him that her little boy had passed to the Spirit world just prior to his 3rd Birthday and that was 6 years ago, and asked if he was alright.  William enquired as to his full name and told Lia he would make enquiries in the Spirit world upon his return. William then asked Lia if he could approach her, and proceeded to place his very large hand upon her head then move it down and cup the side of her face before moving on and answering more questions.
Shortly after Timmy had materialised he spoke to Lia and told her that they were going to bring her little boy through for her. . . We were holding hands and little childs fingers were playing with our joined fingers, Lia felt the warmth of Jacks little body against her legs and he bent and laid his head on her lap. The emotion in the room was clearly felt as Mother and Child were re-united, all too soon the ectoplasm was withdrawn, as Tim explained it was very hard to hold it for too long. Lia was understandably very overwhelmed, especially when she was told that. . . when the circle returned next year, she should attend as the Spirit world would  attempt to   ’Apport ’ a toy belonging to Jack.
Needless to say Lia and I are so grateful to have had this opportunity to once again for a short moment in time, be reunited with our ’little big man Jack ’.
Thank you to everyone who contributed in so many ways to effecting such a positive change in my Daughters life.  That amazing experience of being touched and hugged by her child from the Spirit world will help sustain my Daughter in her deep sadness, and remain in the memory of all who attended and offered thier love and  support that night – The Power of the Spirit is truly great.
Jane and Lia Roberts



It was once again an honour to participate in hosting The Circle of the Silver Cord séances
with David Thompson.   As a first time committee member of the Spiritualist Sanctuary Inc. my family and I had a great deal of involvement from setting up to cleaning afterwards.

We started on Thursday darkening the séance room.  With a great deal of help from other people and my husband, we blackened the whole room. As well as setting up a cabinet and David`s chair, which were supplied by the sanctuary.

Friday`s séance was a great success.  Although I didn`t actively participate in the séance, I remained outside the locked entrance tothe room where I could still hear all the communications.

While on Saturday night David performed a Trance Demonstration. The next night David and Christine hosted our Sunday service at the Spiritualist Sanctuary, drawing a crowd.

Monday night my mother, three sons and I were preparing to sit in the séance.  My eldest son employed as an Environmental
Engineer and Aaron a serving Police Officer, had the task of searching David and inspecting his equipment.

We moved into the séance room where David places us in a semi circle around the cabinet.  As I entered the séance room I had a strong desire to sit with my youngest son.
David obliged, allowing us to sit together.  My eldest son and another lady being a registered nurse examined the cabinet and tools within the room.  When it came to searching David, he personally requested for Aaron.  During conversation
at the briefing, Aaron mentioned to David he was a serving Police Officer.  David bound to the chair with cable ties by
his wrists, ankles and gagged.  His cardigan also had cable ties inserted, alternating black to white down the
front.  My eldest son was given the only set of pliers, which would be used to cut David free at the end and seated next to
Christine, the Circle Leader.  Doors were cable tied shut and the séance commenced.

With everyone holding hands and accountable David`s guide William, walked around the semi circle.  Many wonderful events soon followed, with Louis Armstrong playing the harmonica, we had a mother reunited with her child and a lot of great questions answered.  Nearing the end I heard a thud.

As we came to a conclusion of the séance, my eldest son gives Christine the pliers.  She manoeuvres her way to the door, opening by cutting the cable ties.  A small light is bought in and everyone gasps.  David has been levitated out of the cabinet whilst still in the chair to the back corner.  My eldest son and the other checker confirm, that all the cable ties are still in place and that David`s cardigan is on back to front with the cable ties in tack, still alternating black to white.   David is freed and escorted out of the room.

The following day, my son Aaron and I return, to help restore the séance room.  At no time did I or any of my family during
setting up the séance or cleaning up afterwards find anything suspicious.

I personally thank David and The Circle of the Silver Cord for the opportunity to share this wonderful experience with my family.

Forever grateful,

Sandra Gurney

David Thompson Seance`s – August 2011 – UK & Spain


First of all THANK YOU VERY MUCH for organizing this
fantastic week of physical mediumship!! It was a great mix of learning,
experiencing and getting to know new like-minded people. I enjoyed every single
moment during the week and it went by much too quick… I took lots from it,
and not only about the different forms of mediumship but also for life!! What I
liked most was the fact, that all of you attended all activities and were
available for questions all the time. The way the participants got to know you leads
to trust, that all you do is genuine, because you openly explained the
background on how you achieve such beautiful things. I found impressive, how
you David and Christine work as a team with William and I got a good idea that
this teamwork with the Spirit world is the key to all achievements in life.

The two séances I attended blew my mind away. I have never
experienced such an amount of wonderful energy in my life. I felt truly
connected. The phenomena were way more than I ever thought possible, flying
trumpet, spirit people talking and walking around the room, connecting with
people, singing, dancing, clapping, laughing…. I was touched by drumsticks
carried around every person’s lap by a spirit boy called Tim and I saw his
little spirit fingers on a luminous pad…

Another highlight was: I managed to ask the materialized
spirit called William a question and he came to me. I could hear him coming
towards me and felt him stopping right in front of me. The question was
“Will we need language skills once we pass over to the Spirit world or
would communication indeed work just through thoughts?” William answered,
that of course we would need no languages because we won’t have physical bodies
and therefore communication would take place via thoughts which he explained in
more detail. Then he suggested an experiment which would be to bring somebody
through for me, who would be able to communicate in German…  He asked to approach and touch me and I felt
his big hand on my head plus his foot squeezing in between my naked
feet…  The hand was very heavy and it
felt like a big boot between my feet, I could feel his presence right in front
of me……

Later Tim brought my maternal Grandfather through and with
the help of another spirit helper “Jack” my Granddad managed to speak
to me in German… He said “mien Libelling” various times which means
“my darling” and “das ist wunderbar” which means “this
is wonderful” – unfortunately his voice became very quiet then and I couldn’t
get it all right. But spirit Jack took over after my Granddad couldn’t stay any
longer and told me “your Grandfather says he is your
“Geistfuehrer”, whatever a “Geistfuehrer” is, do I know
what a “Geistfuehrer” is” and he walked away from me mumbling
about the word “Geistfuehrer”….. I then explained that
“Geistfuehrer” simply means “guide” in English…. Later
the lady who sat next to me confirmed that she understood German and it was
audible to her as well…

Thank you very much for all. I am very much looking forward
to next year……….

Katja Symons from Germany




My daughter Nina and I along with our friend Meg and attended
one of your materialization séances in Oswestry in August. I have to say we
were blown away. Both my daughter and I are Social Scientist and have degrees
in the subject, our friend Meg Simpson is a highly respect medium who for the
last fifty years has worked all over the world and is still in demand today. They
both call me a sceptic because I dissect everything, I don’t think that is a bad
thing, however I do have a very open and enquiring mind. When we arrived I was
excited and a little apprehensive. We had been to other materialization circles
and had been disappointed but here we were again and as we had heard such great
things about your circle we were delighted to be allowed to take part. I can
only say that spirit did not disappoint, with the evidence given to various
sitters and the energy within the room was fantastic words cannot do the
evening justice. Silver Birch when he came through the energy and his force of
presence was remarkable the levitation of David and the placing of the wood
upon the cabinet was in its self a phenomenal feat the whole evening was
wonderful from the lady whose father came through to the guide speaking to his
medium the fun with Quinton, the trumpet and its dance, Louis Armstrong and his
singing and the very special message I personally received. At the end of the
evening I told only my daughter about it, one of the spirits that materialized
came up to me and whispered in my ear with a very loving and spiritual message.
The message that was conveyed nobody had any knowledge of the subject matter
including my daughter, so I was to say the least a bit taken a back, however
very pleased. I realise after twenty five years working for and with spirit
they still have the power to not only surprise but also blow me away. How can
anyone not believe when they witness such phenomenon? My daughter experienced
such powerful emotions as I am sure we all did. We received also information
for our own circle.  I can’t thank you
both enough for the wonderful experience not forgetting a big thank you to all
the guides and visitors who enabled us for a few short hours to blend and feel
the enormous love that we can share. Such a pity that more people do not
embrace the remarkable gift that David has instead of trying to find fault. To quote ”oh
ye of little faith”. Once more thank you for a wonderful evening and we all
look forward to sitting with you again in the future.


Yours Truly,

Jenny Hinze.


My friend Maureen and I attended the festival of Physical
Mediumship which was held in Spain for one week in August this year.

My main reason for attending the festival was to meet and
learn from some of the best and most experienced mediums in the world.  Over the years I had seen so many mediums
perform, all with different levels of ability, but I had longed to see someone
who as I put it ’that would blow my socks off.’ Here there would be a medium
who had the ability like these great mediums of the past to produce ectoplasm
allowing sitters to communicate with spirit and be reunited with loved ones not
only by means of a message but by a touch, a smell, or maybe a handshake, this
I thought would be a wonderful experience and something I didn’t want to miss. However
although I knew of the program,  and of
the wonderful séances we would attend the only people whose name that I recognised
were Robin and Sandra Foy, as I had read the scole experiment. I had never even
heard of David Thompson or Christine Morgan, but had been assured by a reliable
friend that I would witness true mediumship at its best. I was not disappointed
the whole week was amazing from beginning to end, thanks to all who made it a
great success.

The night of the séance, I was a little nervous I didn’t
know what to expect I think I was also worried the room may be too hot and I
also knew the door would be sealed up. To my delight I was picked as an independent
checker along with a man named Paul (who I’d never met before) this meant that
I got to inspect everything before the séance began. I searched the two females
who had searched all the other female sitters including myself and Paul
searched the males. We then both stripped down the chair removing the seat and
checking all the straps already tied to the legs and arms, they were very
secure. There were no trapped doors in the cabinet which was positioned away
from the wall. We examined the trumpet, harmonica, drum sticks and a small
square palette. Of these the illuminated items were placed into a black bag,
which Christine kept near her and Paul (checker). David wore casual trousers,
trainers and a buttoned up cardigan. Paul and I picked out all the cable ties
from a big bag full and Christine thread them through each button of the
cardigan and each buckle of the straps that now bound David to the chair
(around his legs and arms). They were cut shorter with pliers. Paul kept hold
of these pliers throughout the séance. David was gagged quite tightly this seemed
very secure. The door was sealed with blackout tape; even the CD player had a
black out cover over the small illuminated display buttons. I sat between the
girl who played the music on the CD player, and Robin Foy. Robin also witnessed
all these precautionary measures taking place. I was satisfied with all I had
seen to prevent any fraudulent activity taking place. Everyone in the room held
hands. David was sat strapped in his chair in the cabinet.  After our lovely loud singing to help raise
the vibration in the room William, David’s control came through and asked if he
could approach me, I think I may of stopped the blood supply in both Robin and Sarah’s
hands, he materialised in front of me making a very loud squelching noise, then
touched my head and cheeks, I felt honoured. There were many other memorable
visits that night. We also got to see Timmy’s (a child, spirit team member)
fingers, he showed everyone in the room as he held onto an illuminated palette,
this was amazing. Just before the finish Christine was instructed by William (David’s
control) to get the torch and examine the cabinet. As the checkers Paul and I
had the opportunity to look inside the cabinet, Christine held the torch face
down as we looked and observed that David was still in a deep trance state with
his gag and binds all still in place. Soon after I remember William speaking,
though I’m not sure what he said I just remember thinking how did he do that,
as we had just looked into the cabinet and there was no ectoplasm.  We sat back down held hands and sang once
again then an enormous bang occurred. When the lights went on we discovered
that David had been levitated across the room and dropped to the floor. He was
now facing the sitters across the other side of the room. When we checked
everything once again making sure all was still secure and in place we realised
that David’s cardigan was on back to front this had been dematerialised and materialised
again the wrong way around. How wonderful. The whole evening was phenomenal and
I have never experienced anything like that before. There was no way that David
could of escaped from his chair carried it across the room dropped it and got
back in strapped himself back in, so quickly it would of been impossible, I
witnessed this and saw that everything was still secure only minutes
before.  This was the pinnacle of a fantastic
Thank you
Donna Doyle


On the evening of 19th August 2011, I and approximately 30
other guests were fortunate enough to attend a demonstration of Physical Mediumship
by Mr. David Thompson, held at Jenny’s Sanctuary in Wroxton Heath, Banbury, near
Oxford.   I have attended mental
mediumship events on previous occasions; however, this was my first experience
of this type.  In fact, it was purely by
chance that I was able to attend.  My
wife Christina had managed to acquire a single ticket for herself some months
before the event; hence it was my job to drive her hundred an odd miles to the
event and to wait outside in the car.  By
some strange quirk of fate, three of the guests for whatever reason failed to
turn up which allowed me the opportunity to take part in the séance.

Before entering the séance room, David and Christine Morgan
(David’s partner and fellow Medium) gave a preparatory talk, during in which
they provided a brief explanation of the phenomenon and described what was
likely to occur during the séance.
Christine also outlined a number of points regarding audience etiquette
in order to ensure the safety of the medium during the séance.  The entire audience, and medium, was then
searched (both physically and via metal detector) before they were allowed to
enter the séance room.

The séance room was completely light tight and possessed one
access point and a single light bulb controlled by a dimmer switch.  In the top right-hand corner of the room
there was a cubicle (constructed from black material), which housed a wooden
armchair.  On the floor just in front of
the doorway there was a rectangular piece of 3mm laminate board approximately
2.5 x1.5 meters in diameter. The audience were seated adjacent to two walls of
the rectangular shaped room, the nearest of which were positioned approximately
1 metre from the cabinet.

Both I and another lady volunteer were chosen by David to
closely inspect the process of him being strapped onto the chair.  We were also instructed by Christine to check
out the cabinet to ensure that it contained no hidden compartments.  David then put on a black woollen cardigan,
which was buttoned up and sealed with a series of black plastic
cable-ties.  His arms and legs were also
fastened to the arms and legs of the chair by means of four straps.  The straps binding David’s arms to the arms
of the chair were then secured by two further cable-ties. Finally, David was
gagged with a black scarf and the knot secured with another cable-tie before
being placed into the cabinet.  We were
then instructed to take our seats, which were positioned close to the
cabinet.  Christine showed the audience a
cardboard trumpet (sporting a luminous stripe), a pair of luminous-tipped
drumsticks and a harmonica, which were placed into a black bag and placed at
her feet.  It was explained that these
objects were to be used during the course of séance by the spirits.

The séance was to be conducted in total darkness, therefore
the room was sealed to block out any trace of light, after which the light was
turned off; audience was then instructed to hold hands.  The séance was opened with a prayer, followed
by some rather loud music (played from a CD player near to the cabinet)
accompanied by singing from the audience in order to raise the energy in the
room.  When the music ceased, the room
was filled with a loud swishing noise.
Christine explained that this was the actual sound of the ectoplasm
being drawn from the body of the Medium. The noise was followed by the sound of
a series of heavy footsteps that appeared to emanate from the board situated
immediately in front of the cabinet.  The
footsteps belonged to William, David’s guide.
William spoke in a deep voice (in Received Pronunciation), which sounded
clear and very distinguished.  He approached
several members of the audience (myself included) and asked if he would be
permitted to touch them.  As he did so,
William asked each recipient to describe what they felt and each one reported
the feeling of a large hand being placed on their either heads and/or

When William placed his hand on my head it felt both large
(i.e. compared to that of David’s) and quite warm.  He continued to interact with the audience
and made every effort to answer their questions.  One particular member of the audience asked
him if there was such a thing as a map of the spirit world.   William couldn’t answer at the time, but
promised to make enquires in the spirit world and return with an answer at the
end of the session.  Young Timmy, another
of David’s spirit team came through next and raised the energy in the room with
his impish sense of humour and also via a whirling light display (emitted from
the end of the luminous trumpet) in time to the music of an Irish jig.

The séance continued for nearly two hours and we were
treated to appearances from several other entities, some of which were
loved-ones of members of the audience; others were deceased celebrities such as
Quentin Crisp and Louis Armstrong.  Louis
impressed and entertained everyone with his singing and tap-dancing; he also
played a tune on the harmonica!

As the séance came to a close William made a final
appearance with an answer to the audience member’s question pertaining to the
map of the spirit world.  It appears as
though such a map does indeed exist and William promised to provide further
details a future séance.

The séance was brought to a close with the help of some
music and a closing prayer. However, there was final surprise in store.  The lights were raised to reveal the sight of
David (still bound, gagged and tied to the chair) in the centre of the room. In
addition David’s cardigan was now on back-to-front, yet the cable-ties were
very much intact.

This was most impressive demonstration as I can personally testify
to the fact that all of the ties were intact and in original condition.

Dr. Ray Richmond PhD

David Thompson Seance – June 2011 – Banyan Retreat, UK

I went to one of David Thompson`s séance’s at the Banyan
Retreat in Ashford, Kent. I came alone on the first night and was very excited
to have the opportunity to come and experience what was ahead. Believe me I
certainly wasn’t disappointed!!!!William one of David’s communicators was the
first to come through, he fully materialised in the room and walked around
talking to various people. I asked William a question and to my great
excitement he walked over to me and stood in front of me answering my question,
he asked if it was ok to touch me, which I replied “yes” he put his
hand on my head, he stroked both sides of my face and cupped my chin in his
hand as he was talking…. I kind of lost the plot at that stage in a very nice
way; I have no idea what his answer was!  I was blown away as to  what I was feeling and experiencing, William
has quite big hands which were very warm and very soft and no mistaking they
were definitely hands. I have been waiting for spirits too touch me like that pretty
much all my life. May, another one of David’s communicators also fully
materialised, she after a few minutes brought through “Kaiser” a very
large German Shepherd, who belongs to Nic and Steven the guys that run the
retreat. Kaiser passed to spirit approximately 17 hours previously, that was
it….. I was so emotionally overcome that this had happened and so soon after
he passed. Tears of happiness ran down my face for Nic and Steven I was elated
for them. So much happened that evening, Tim played his drumsticks on the floor
and ceiling; his trumpets were flying around the air and dancing to the music.
I left the séance room dumb founded!!!!I now couldn’t wait until the Monday’s séance
as my partner Dan was coming with me, he was going to be made up with the
experiences!!!Both of us came on Monday, I couldn’t wait!!!William materialised
first again, spoke to a few people and again I asked him a question, over he
came again to answer my question, again he touched my face both sides, cupped
my chin, ran his hand round the back of my neck and down the side of my hair.
This time I was a little bit more together and did remember his answer. Dan
then asked him a question; he touched Dan on the side of the face as he
answered. Dan was so pleased this happened. For both of us to experience that
together was very cool, also very humbling. May came again and spoke to Dan, as
she noticed he was a fellow American. A while later a spirit materialised in
the room and walked in front of myself and Dan and then walked to Christine the
circle leader, and asked if his grandson was here, the accent of the spirit was
American I was so hoping this man was for Dan, the excitement began to build in
both of us. We then heard “my grandson’s name is Daniel Livingston”….Oh
my goodness!!!!… Dan nearly fell off his chair hearing this!!!! And I was
just ecstatic for him. Dan answered and said “yes I’m here”, with
that his Grandpa walked over to him; they had a lovely conversation, although
Dan was a little bit taken back to say the least. White Soaring Bird
materialised in the room, wow, very powerful spirit, he came to put a blessing
on the Banyan Retreat, how wonderful was that!!!What a fabulous experience we
both feel truly honoured to have been able to experience something like this.
In fact I don’t really know the right words to express how we feel, it is a
life altering experience, fantastic!!!!!Thank you so much David and Christine
for what you do to enable others to experience these amazing things.

Many Thanks

Ashley & Dan

David Thompson Seance – June 2011 – Banyan Retreat, UK


Well what can I say, when I went to see David Thompson at
the Banyan Retreat, my eyes where opened wider than ever before to the wonder
and splendour of the Spirit world. David is a great down to Earth guy and with him
and the lovely Christine you are straight away put at ease before going into
the séances.

The experience of meeting David’s spirit team is something
that I will never forget. William is a commanding figure but in a very warm
way, making sure the independent checkers are happy with what they witnessed
with David being tied into the chair and being gagged.

I had the great opportunity to ask a question of William,
and loved his response. He even answered another question that I had only
mentally said. It was also a privilege to have William place his very large
hand on my head and then patting me on the shoulder.

I sat with David for the full four séances and was even more
impressed each sitting. Little Timothy that works with David did a wonderful
job with the trumpets and the speed of them and the ways that they moved were

With Louis Armstrong and Quentin Crisp coming through was
great and also to witness fathers and husbands come forward and speak with
their loved ones was wonderful.

One time Timmy knocked over the small table in front of me
and as he ran away with his drum sticks, I was able to see Timmy well his back
and legs from the luminous tape that was on the drum sticks.

Then on the final night White Soaring Bird materialising,
chanting, dancing and giving a blessing was a wonderful way to finish the
evening and trip for me. I look forward to the next time that I get to sit with
David, Christine and the Spirit team, may they continue to give this amazing message
that Life is Eternal, and that our friends and family are only walking a few
steps ahead of us, waiting to show us the way.

Thank you for these evenings in such a wonder peaceful
setting thanks to Nic and Steve at Banyan.

Declan Flynn



I was at your seance on Monday and just wanted to write and thank you for the most incredible experience.

I feel so lucky to have been a part of the evening and to have seen, without a doubt in my mind, how you were able to connect us with the spirit world.  It was totally amazing.  I am so glad you picked me to check the cable ties and the room, etc and know Christine’s hands were both on mine during the evening – there is no room for doubt as I have seen everything first hand.

William placing his hands on my head and cupping my face was amazing. My mum is still laughing at me for asking him where is is going to touch me! haha… I meant hands or head but just wanted to be prepared as I had never experienced anything like that before.

When White Soaring Bird materialised I could really feel the heat on my feet as I had no socks on. I was amazed at the speed at which Timothy could spin the trumpets and seeing Timothy’s fingers on the card – I was amazed so much! The message that was passed to one of our party could never have been known to you or anyone else in that room.  I have wanted to write since Monday night, but my head has just been trying to digest everything from that night! – it truly was ’out of this world’!

I would love to experience that again and hope when you are next in the UK I get the opportunity.

Thank you so much to you, Christine and all at the Banyan Retreat.

Kind regards,

David Thompson Séance – May 2011 – Melbourne, Australia

Hello David,
I was at the ASP in Melbourne last weekend and wanted to say thanks so much for such an amazing experience.

After listening to William and others from the spirit world come through, it’s touched me in a way that I never thought possible. Even though loved ones that I wished would come through didn’t, I know now that maybe from the vibration I was giving out, wasn’t totally open and still a tad reserved.

Next time, I’ll come in with an open heart, mind and vibration:) Thank you both and it was lovely speaking with you on the Sunday.


David Thompson Séance – May 2011 – Melbourne, Australia

Hi David,
I would just like to say a very big thank you for the Saturday night seance and Trance Healing workshop yesterday.

Even just writing this now my eyes are watering up as I’m overwhelmed with emotion. That seance was my first physical mediumship seance experience and it completely blew my mind. I have read for a while now about physical mediumship but to actually experience it was just priceless. To meet William and have him say that he knew I had wanted to meet him since I first heard his voice on a recording on your website, was amazing. For him to say that he knew that I am very interested in physical mediumship and materialisations, have him place his huge hand on my head and for him to ask me to really remember that moment that we met, has left me speechless. How do I describe the
indescribable. I am completely honoured and privileged to have been able to attend your seance, to have met William and everyone else that evening.

Timothy and the trumpet phenomena was just amazing. The drum sticks drumming across my knees, Louis Armstrong gracing us with his presence and of your door keeper greeting us. His grand exit with such a loud bang was incredible. And finally to see you left in the middle of room (levitated from the cabinet) with your cardigan on backwards and with the cables ties still in place. Astonishing!

I cannot stop smiling, feeling such gratitude and feel full of excitement at what I experienced.  I have absolutely no doubts in my mind that every single thing that occurred was 110% genuine. This makes me even more honoured to have experienced what I did. It was the real deal!

I cannot stop thinking about meeting William. That experience is one of the most extraordinary things I have ever experienced. I will never forget it.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and Christine. You are both knowledgeable, experienced and genuine mediums. If only more people had the dedication and discipline to sit for physical phenomena like you have. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

I really valued the things you spoke about in the Trance Healing workshop. It was wonderful to hear about your own personal experiences and what you have learned over the years. It will certainly be of assistance in my own mediumship and development. Genuine physical mediums are so rare so it was a real treasure to listen and learn from you. I will definitely be exploring Trance as you suggested to me.

I hope that our paths are able to cross again. My life has forever changed.

Warmest regards,

Craig. S

David Thompson Séance – May 2011 – Melbourne, Australia

Hi David & Christine,
Thank you so very much for another amazing and insightful opportunity to sit in your seance last Friday evening in Melbourne. To be a part of the experience where spirit and the physical meet is surreal, confronting and wonderfully mind blowing all at the same time. Thank you to all who came through, and especially to you for your diligent work to prove the continuity of life. I’m so grateful our paths crossed.

Wishing you both continued success and growth.



David Thompson Séance – May 2011 – Queensland, Australia

The 5th May 2011, had seen me sitting in the living room of people I had never met, with people I had never met or heard of before, with one exception, David Thompson.
Although I had never personally met David, I had heard on quite a few occasions of his remarkable ability to enable spirits to materialize and verbally address people within a group, through his production of ectoplasm.  As someone who has now experienced this first hand I would like to say after taking all things into account, learning through courses, internet and word of mouth, no matter how effective these things seem at the time, they do not do justice to the positive impact the “real thing’ has on a person. The lengths David and his Circle go to so as to ensure all avenues of deceit are alleviated are incredible. There is just no possibility for alternate explanation to what is presented to those in the room. This in turn makes the experience all the more genuine and leaves the participants awestruck.

As this testimonial is in relation to the materialization of my grandfather, Joe (Pop) Smith, I will jump to this place in the séance.

Pop Smith has only been gone for around 4 years but is the one in any reading done since he passed who is my representative from the spirit world. When I was told my Grandfather wanted to come through and say hello I was excited to say the least. 20 people in that room and Pop came through for me, again. I could hear him materialize then walk toward me. Then it happened! Two large hands placed firmly on my face and my grandfather was speaking from right in front of me. He patted my face, my shoulders, and my face again while speaking of my endeavours to help people through healing and expressed how excited he was to have the opportunity to materialize also. The moment, “my moment with my Pop” lasted for around 3 minutes I guess but it changed my life completely. The one thing I noticed overall is no one in that room had ever laid eyes on me or my grandfather, ever before, but when Pop touched my face; his hand was missing the same finger and a half he was missing when he walked among us. If this is not validation of being genuine then validation I believe is impossible. I had not even given the missing fingers a thought myself for about 20 years but it was the first thing I noticed when touched. That moment of complete surrender to what your experiencing being genuine is soul touching.

I thank David and The Circle of The Silver Cord once again. I already look forward to seeing you again as I have new direction in life and a renewed enthusiasm to pass on what I have learned.

Craig Bradley (Pialba, Queensland, Australia) May 2011



David Thompson Séance – Basel, Switzerland – April 2011

I attended a séance with physical medium David Thompson on April 18th in Basel, Switzerland. Compared to his home séances in Sydney this was a big event with nearly 40 sitters.
In the beginning two randomly chosen sitters checked David’s bindings on his arms and legs. Upon being convinced the medium is perfectly tightly bound to the chair, the lights were sent out and music set in. Before this happened I had a strong feeling the humming and singing of 40 people will have a much greater effect on materialisations. And, unsurprisingly, I was not mistaken.
After approximately 4 songs William, David’s spirit guide, took up the drum sticks from the table in the middle of the room and clicked with them in time to the music. After this nice little performance he welcomed us and, a bit surprising to me, started running around the room stamping with his feet to show us he has fully materialised. Judging from the sound of the stamps I could tell he was wearing quite heavy boots.
William then encouraged the sitters to ask him questions about just anything.?After he had answered a couple of questions I decided to speak up. I only called his name and the next moment he recognized my face and we shook hands quite gently. I should mention here that I attended a séance at David’s house in Sydney two months before this event and so already had the pleasure to get to know William.
The next person coming through was the grandfather of an older man. The spirit was obviously unexperienced in working with ectoplasm and only managed to get out a couple of German words and sentences, including his grandson’s name. Though, as a German myself, I can attest the spirit was a native speaker.?Quentin Crisp was the next to manifest. After his usual joking we experienced a rare event in the history of contemporary physical mediumship.He actually took a girl by the hands and led her around the room. He even allowed her to feel his chest and his face, which she said was ”a bit stubbly”. (One month later I met the same girl again and, of course, asked her how “Quentin’s” face felt like. She told me that she looked at photos of Quentin during his earth life and was shocked when she saw the same special markings in his face that she could feel so clearly on the evening of April 18th 2011. She is now convinced that the entity claiming to be “Quentin Crisp” is really Quentin Crisp.)
After a singing and harmonica performance of Louis Armstrong and the appearance of Tim, a young boy, who is responsible for the amazing trumpet phenomena at David’s séances, a woman materialised and explained to us she is in charge of all the children in the afterlife. (As far as I know you can age on the other side if you wish, but despite newly arrived children seem to need care).
The following scene was actually a quite emotional reunion of a grieving mother and her son, who crossed over at 29. I sat pretty close to her and could hear the alien sound of flowing ectoplasm and her son’s materialisation. The next second he spoke right in front of her face and again the words were fluent German with a Swiss intonation.
Then William returned to conclude the evening with another rare physical phenomenon. After a few songs the lights went back on and, to the astonishment of all, the cabinet was suddenly standing in the middle of the room. (One month later, when I met the organizers of this evening again, I was told the cabinet was so loosely held together by the rods that it was absolutely impossible for anyone to transport it as a whole to the middle, except by psychic means.)?During the levitation process I could even feel the increased heat on my skin, which was quickly getting lower after the lights were on again. Though, heat could be felt anyway every time when spirits materialised, despite the air-conditioning.
Last but not least, I want to encourage anyone to experience what I have experienced and be part of this renaissance of materialisation mediumship.



David Thompson Séance – 6th November 2009 – Sarasota, Florida

Testimonial for Materialization Séance with David Thompson
On the 6th November 2009 at the Shrine of the Master Church in Sarasota I attended a séance with David Thompson. So many times I have felt my oldest brother in spirit and I always just wanted to say I miss you and I love you. I entered the room that night hoping for you to attend and it did not take long. You came into the room and walked over to me and touched my face and kissed me and told me things only you and I knew.
David Thompson and Team thank you for giving me a chance to say I love you to my brother and to reaffirm that the two worlds are as close as you and I.
Marie Wilson Gates (Cassadaga, Florida)
David Thompson Séance – September 2009 – Queensland, Australia
Dear David Thompson
7th October 2009
How can I ever describe the joy of attending your materialisation circle in Queensland on September 11th-12th 2009 My Birthday was on the 16th. There could not have been a more opportune time for spirit to give me a gift of such magnitude. The materialisation of my father was to me the most wonderful present that I could have ever received. It was the highlight of my life.
Thanks you for making my life complete.
Many blessings
Kenneth Charles Wensor (Australia)

David Thompson Séance – November 2009 – Sarasota, Florida

For many years I have been riding the fence as to whether I truly believed. Upon learning David and his crew would be in Sarasota, Florida I knew in my heart that I would find answers that I had been searching out for many years.
I entered the séance being sceptical and in my mind I would look for ways to disprove this. Well, I am here to say I found none. So many things happened that could not be explained away.
Upon leaving I found peace, and a sense that all things in my life would be well. No matter what happens to me in this life, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am not alone. I have spirit around me that love and care for me and will always be there. My life has been forever changed.
Thank you David for sharing your gift with me, I will always treasure our encounter.
Joan Lambert (Sarasota, Florida)

David Thompson Séance – March 2009 – Auckland, New Zealand

The March 2009 visit to The Spiritualist Alliance, Auckland, NZ by David Thompson accompanied by his Circle Leader, proved, yet again, another thought provoking and overwhelming experience for all those privileged people who attended the three physical materialisation séances.
Each séance was fully subscribed by 20 pre-selected people, plus the NZ crew of 3 and the COSC circle leader. There was no doubting that, at the end of each séance, all people realised they had been subjected to a life-changing experience as the reality of the Spirit World manifestations impressed their consciousness.
Organisers, Ken & Elizabeth Pretty went to great lengths to make it possible for people in other parts of NZ to share in this experience and, also to give opportunities to those who haven`t before witnessed this remarkable phenomena. Hence, there were people from the South Island (Christchurch and Dunedin), lower and middle North Island (Wellington, Hamilton, and Katikati) and the Far North (Kaitaia and Kerikeri) as well as, obviously, Auckland. Consequently, 40% witnessed these remarkable events for the first time.
Obviously the personal manifestations have great individual implications, but two especially stood out and overwhelmed everyone. The physical communication of a 43 year old man who had died in Perth, Australia, only an hour before; he had been invited to attend a future séance in Sydney but his unexpected demise put paid to that. Instead the Spirit Team was able to utilise some of the energy to enable their vibrations to become more suited to that which surrounds a new arrival in the spirit world. His communication message for his wife and young children was very emotional.
The other personal one followed a special experiment by the Spirit Team of enabling ectoplasm extruding from David to be seen via red light by everyone present. Under very controlled conditions and instructions given by William, the Spirit Leader, three photographs were taken. Preparations for this experiment were at last two years in the making; it seemed that everyone was fully cognisant of the uniqueness of what they saw and were suitably over-awed by the experience.
After that photographic experiment was concluded and the red light extinguished, William announced that there would be another experiment, and called out for ‘Joshua` to come and stand before the cabinet, and to hold out his hands according to precise instructions, whereupon, as Josh explained later, he felt a touch of ectoplasm as it brushed across the top of his outstretched hands, and a warm, human hand placed what turned out to be, a beautiful yet simply designed and hallmarked, silver ring upon the little finger on his right hand. William stated that this was given to Josh by his sister in spirit for ‘all the birthdays of his that she had missed`
Other notable spirit entities to make their appearance were Louis Armstrong who gave us his party piece – the singing of ‘Wonderful World` and a solo mouth organ performance and Quentin Crisp who made much of Ken Pretty who now has a new nick name, that of ‘Kenny-baby`. Then there was a surprise appearance of William Davenport, one half of the famed Davenport Brothers, both 19th century physical mediums. William Davenport had come especially to give encouragement to two Alliance members that are developing physical mediumship and spoke of the requisite need for patience. Sad to say, only a very few sitters had knowledge of this very special character in the annals of Spiritualist history but the significance of his visit was not surprising to Ken who had sent out thought requests for some advice for his student medium.
When you add Timothy’s impressive light performance with the trumpet, William’s learned response to questions, Honest Jack’s straight-from-the-hip advice to individual questions, and a visit from Mae, a buxom slave from 19th century USA, to the very palpable influence of love that permeates each séance, surely all fear of the unknown and ‘what lies after death` is completely banished.
All in all, it was again a humbling, yet transforming experience. Saying ‘thank you` seems so little in the face of all in which we shared. Yet say it, we must: our deepest thanks to David and members of the Circle of The Silver Cord, in both dimensions, for your dedication and commitment to this great work.
Ken & Elizabeth Pretty
On behalf of The Spiritualist Alliance [Auckland] Inc.

David Thompson Séance – Auckland – New Zealand

Thank you Ken and Elizabeth for encouraging David Thompson and his circle to return to NZ so that we could experience the privilege of sitting in a materialisation séance. I have already been blessed in my own communication with Spirit, including audio messages, having spirit come and sit next to me during a service and being given a warm, loving embrace with Spirit when I was feeling very down. These are very special experiences, but to sit in a séance with David has left me in absolute awe.
David’s willingness to put himself through this physically. In the knowledge that he will remember nothing of it afterwards, for a bunch of strangers so that we may gain knowledge from Spirit is the most unselfish act I have ever witnessed. I am full of gratitude for this was truly a life changing experience for me. The most special moment for me – hearing Eddie, David’s friend who had only just passed over come through, and to hold the ring in my hand that was given to Josh by his sister in Spirit. Seeing the ectoplasm with my own eyes is something very few people in the world will ever get to do, and is an enormous privilege. Having David do this for us is mind blowing.
The Silver Cord Circle website has spirit guide William’s teachings on it and I would strongly urge everyone to hear what William has to say. The messages are relevant for us all and the questions we have for Spirit are answered simply and beautifully so that we can all understand.
Jack’s messages to us on Thursday night – enjoy your time on earth as it is very short, and enjoy your journey. Yes Jack – I will!
David, Ken and Elizabeth – you rock!
Thank you.
Ann R (Auckland, New Zealand)

David Thompson Séances – November 2009 – Sarasota Florida

Firstly I would like to thanks you for coming to our church. I had the pleasure of attending all of the séances that were held at the Shrine of the Master Church in Sarasota, Florida. The energy in the Chapel was great.
We were blessed with many Spirit Visitors. I was touched by Tim; he was taking the hand of the person next to me that I was also holding. His hand was very small and felt cold.
Each séance was special in its own way and the energy was different each night as well.
Many people had visits from family members in Spirit. I look forward to your next visit here until then God Bless you.
Alex Florio

David Thompson Séance – November 7, 2009 – Sarasota  Florida

The Séances exceeded my expectation, uplifting and healing, it was an unforgettable experience.

Djuna Wojton (Author of Karmic Healing)
Philadelphia, USA

David Thompson UK Tour 2007 – Summary to the Circle of the Silver Cord

Now that some time has passed since David Thompson and the Circle of the Silver Cord’s 2007 UK tour, we at Zerdin would like to reflect on a very successful tour for Zerdin Phenomenal, David, and the Circle, and for the people who had the opportunity from the UK, and around the world, that assembled in both England and Scotland to witness David’s exceptional gift.
Many of you would have by this time read or listened to transcripts and recordings of the tour in both Zerdin Phenomenal website and our magazine, also Victor Zammit’s website and the Circle of the Silver Cord’s website. As Zerdin members have read séance reports, and the many testimonials from those who attended the séances, and received evidence from their materialized loved ones are aware, this is truly a memorable and emotional moment for all of us in the séance room.
The exceptional phenomena that David’s spirit team produced during the séances was truly remarkable and I urge those who have not read the séance reports of the amazing phenomena produced by spirit, materialization, trumpet phenomena, independent direct voice, ectoplasm in red light, apports, levitation of the medium whilst in the chair and so much more, this was a physical medium powered by spirit.
Having witnessed David’s mediumship before he emigrated to Australia, and with the formation of the Circle of the Silver Cord, it is a fact that his mediumship has continued to progress.
How many of us can move a trumpet one inch from its original position, some can, most cannot, for those who are able to move a trumpet it is a miracle outside known science and modern physics. Compare this to David’s mediumship as shown in the séance room by David’s spirit team, and then consider what you have witnessed or read about.
Thanks you spirit, David, and the Circle for a great UK tour.
Dennis Pearman (2007) Zerdin Phenomenal Management.

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