Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is not new; its origins can be traced as far back as 30 AD.

Often people believe you have to have faith to benefit from Spiritual Healing, which is not the case, spiritual healing is largely non-denominational; practitioners do not see traditional religious faith as a prerequisite for affecting a cure.

During a consultation normally a spiritual healer will place their hands upon or close to the patient; the patient will often report feelings of heat or a flow of energy from the hands of the healer, which often creates a feeling of well-being.

The heat and energy which can be felt comes from a natural source of spiritual energy, so much of our physical world is dependent upon energy. Yet the spiritual world is even more about power than the physical world. One of the great avenues of power — a place where power is available to us and flows through us is through the medium of spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing is NOT a replacement for normal medical healthcare from a healthcare professional, spiritual healing is a holistic approach focusing on the patient as a unique, complex, dynamic being of mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual Healing

My approach to healing and personal transformation is holistic, focusing on you as a unique, complex, dynamic being of mind, body and spirit.  I offer to serve as a facilitator in your self-initiated process of healing and transformation.  I am here as your committed listener, spiritual healer in this process.  In the course of our work together, we will explore areas that influence your state of well-being.  We may address different aspects of your life; your sharing is kept confidential.

Self- care is extremely important part of your healing process.  At all times your healing is your responsibility.  If at any time during a session you are uncomfortable, it is your responsibility to inform me immediately.  I recommend that you refrain from alcohol 8 hours before and after your session.

I am a Spiritual Medium & Healer.  Many of my clients experience increased well-being and improvement in their conditions; however I cannot promise you these things.



Dr Theobald Slavinski (Cardiovascular Surgeon) healing guide of David Thompson


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